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Monday, May 12, 2014

My Closet: 10 Things.


1. Stretchy pants. 
     Yup the only pants I wear lately are the kind that stretch, something just easier about it.

2. Layering shirts, 
    like tons of tank tops and plain t-shirts.

3. Way too many high heels.

4. Flip flops. 
    I have hope of it being warm enough to wear them soon & this weekend is saying it just might be.

5. Perfume. 
    Gotta smell extra nice occasionally. 

6. Little girl's jewelry. 
    Miss A LOVES to dress up all pretty and go out so we are starting to collect necklaces and bracelets for her. 

7. Comfy zip up. 
    Nothing makes a rainy day better for me then comfy clothes. 

8. Leggings. 
    Yup, if it's a lazy day at home or a day of cleaning I'll wear leggings and a t-shirt all day.

9. Workout pants.
    You know in case I exercise sometime.

10. Yoga mat.
     The kind that doubles as the thing kids just can't keep rolled up, and gets used as a picnic blanket all too              often.

Happy Monday!

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Robbie K said...

I can't live without my leggings!!

CLR said...

Yay for stretchy pants! For leggings! For comfy!!!

Sounds like a great collection!

Loved your #9! Ha ha!

Lisa Corriveau said...

Good list! I know what you mean about the stretchy pants. Virtually all of mine have lycra in them these days.

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