Wednesday, June 25, 2014

20 Wishes.

I LOVE to make lists. Mostly when it comes to things like cleaning and meal planning.Something so rewarding about marking something off that list. If you could only see my house To-Do list right now, you'd probably cry with me So this link-up is exactly something I can see myself doing, something I want to be apart of. Here are my 20 Wishes, hopefully I can finish them by the end of the year!

1. Finish the girls' new room.
2. Complete my Goodreads Challenge of 50 books
3. Get a new family picture to put up, even if it's just of the two girls together.
4. Finish my kitchen table.
5. Pay off my credit card.
6. Have a date night.
7. Go out for our anniversary (doesn't count for #6)
8. Make dresses or shirts for my girls.
9. Help Miss A accomplish potty training.
10. Get new carpet for the upstairs part of our house.
11. Try a new dessert recipe.
12. Cook with a new veggie.
13. Cook a turkey.
14. Finish my burlap wreath.
15. Finish the playroom.
16. Put the laundry back together.
17. Finish bedroom downstairs.
18. Send at least 2 birthday cards out.
19. Plan & execute a great 50th birthday for my mom.
20. Lose 5 more pounds and actually keep it off.

Truly Lovely

Seriously, cannot wait to get started on this list. So a super fun idea! What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

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Just Miss C said...

Those sound like awesome wishes! I hope you get to accomplish them.

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