Saturday, June 28, 2014

Carpet Stains.

Ever just sit down and think, "well that should be a good blog post". Well today I had that moment, so down I sat in this comfy chair while I try and get all of my words out. My fingers can't seem to move fast enough. As I take a quick glance around I notice something. Something that causes me to cringe. My carpet. 

Eek. It is nasty. Between having two one year olds, and a three year old here, and our yard being under construction, my carpet is taking a beating. It wasn't that great of carpet to begin with, but until we have the yard done and any painting that we want to do out of the way, we won't be purchasing new carpet. While I sit and dream of nice new carpet, and a finished yard, I also find myself finding new ways to keep my carpet clean. 

I've browsed Pinterest, bought a carpet cleaner, and contemplated using a company like I am so very lucky if I can keep my carpet clean for more than a week, but most often, I find myself cleaning carpets at least once a week. Do you have any tips for keeping your carpet clean? We have an older creamy white colored carpet. It's horrible to keep clean and I can't wait to get rid or it! 

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