Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10-12 Months Old.

I still can't believe my baby turned 1. Seriously. Here's a glimpse into the last few months with her.


Aunt Lori & Cousin Lee visited again. We started watching Cousin during the days so you two are trouble together. We celebrated sister's 3rd birthday. She went to her very first wedding. Started playing like a big girl, letting her sister put princess dresses on her. Trying to walk. Seriously. It's ridiculous! She's growing up WAY too fast!


First time at the zoo. Started to climb into the lower things, laundry baskets and cabinets. Loves to go on wagon rides. Decided that teething is only worth it if you can have a pacifier to chew on. Taking about 15 steps at a time- just enough to cross a room and get to sister or snacks.


Walking. Everywhere. Seriously this girl is wild and learning new things so fast.
 Has 4 teeth, two bottom middle, and two on the top sides. Started climbing. Loves her sister so much. Loves chocolate. Silly silly little girl. Loves fruit & veggies, but not meat.

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1 comment:

Ashley Griffith said...

She is TOO cute! Love seeing the growth in the past couple of months.

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