Friday, July 11, 2014

6 This Week.

This week. 

Teething Babies. Goodness. Teething with my oldest was a breeze. She would take a little tylenol, nap and be fine. Her sister is the opposite. Doesn't sleep, stomach is sick, completely miserable, 24/7 until those teeth are in. Add her teething cousin to the mix, and we've got a long week. 

State daycare inspection. Getting ready for the Family Friends & Neighbors inspection of my house nearly killed me. I was so worried about every little thing. Good news, we passed! I can keep watching my nephew for a couple more months till the next inspection! 

Exercising. I made it! Actually worked out all 5 days this week. Some days I even got double workouts in! Score! Seriously loving Blogilates right now. Let's hope this motivation/love lasts! 

Meal planning. Been struggling with my meal planning this week, really need some new Paleo recipes to try, ones that preferably aren't over the top expensive. 

Products. I've gotten quite a few products to review this week! Loving them so far! Can't wait to share with you! 

Blogging. Finally taking the time not only to work on my blog, but to reach out and comment on other blogs! Feels nice to be back into it and reconnecting and connecting with you!

How has your week been?

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Jenna Griffin said...

Great job on working out 5 days!! Wow. Get it girl!
Thanks for linking up with us for the coffee date!

WorkingMomMagic said...

How awesome that you worked out everyday! You go!

Hilary @ The RNY Life said...

Great job on working out this week! I have trouble with meal planning too. Seems like all the recipes I want to try take really weird or expensive ingredients. Stopping by from the Social Media Mixer.

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