Thursday, July 31, 2014


I don't know about you, but my Facebook News Feed has been full of "Share 5 Pictures you feel Beautiful in" posts. I've had a mix of feelings watching this new trend come around. It's wonderful seeing all these women embracing their beauty and showing "the world" they know they are beautiful. Yet at the same time, most posts start with phrases like:

"So & so just had to tag me in this..."
"It was so hard for me to find 5 pictures..."
"I don't have 5 pictures I feel beautiful in but here are some okay ones..."
"I don't know why so & so had to tag me in this..."

Women showing their insecurities with themselves. Could you pick out 5 pictures you feel beautiful in? I know the ones I would pick would be the ones with perfect lighting, a little touching up, where my hair & make up are both done. Could I post a picture where I wasn't wearing makeup? Eek. Do I even have any of those? Even the pictures I'm sharing with you I'm sporting make up in. 

Would I post picture 1?

The one that gave me the motivation to work out. I mean look at that picture. The angle is off and ick, my body just doesn't look great to me.

What about picture 2?

The family trip where I was on my second round of Clomid and feeling all sorts of emotions, and clearly being happy with my body shape wasn't one of them.

There is no way those would make it up on my personal Facebook, which is sad. I'm the always ready/wearing makeup type person. I feel very insecure without it and I know that I need to embrace the flaws I see in myself.

Though I haven't been tagged and don't plan on participating I found the need to share some of my thoughts on this and even share this picture with you, my blogging friends, the people I can be myself most around.

A picture that I know I can look back at and say, what a great moment. A picture where maybe I'm not wearing makeup but, I'm happy and I'm with one of my sweet babies. I know I've written this way too much but ever since I started my whole exercise routine, I've been seeing an improvement in my self-image. I no longer feel absolutely disgusting. I know I am the one that controls my appearance (mostly- girls thanks for the stretch marks!) and the way I feel about myself.

I'm trying to constantly improve that feeling I get when I see older pictures, or when my daughter takes a quick picture of me while I'm not paying attention. I don't want my girls to grow up and constantly be around someone with a bad self-image, I know that I dealt with that growing up and know the negative side effects of that all too well. 

I don't want to be old and wrinkly and wishing I had taken more pictures with my kids or husband. I want to look back and not only remember the moments but be happy with who I am. 

What do you think about this new game that's going around? Have you participated in it? 

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Melissa Camacho said...

I've seen those facebook posts as well. I've been tagged, but I haven't participated! (I almost didn't do the don't try so hard link up!) you look gorgeous though my dear! I love your brown eyes and dark hair! beautiful!

Just Miss C said...

I think I saw one blogger post a picture with no makeup but, I haven't seen the game on my Facebook news food. I haven't been tagged by anyone either. I could probably find a few pictures one or two wearing makeup I really like. most when I was younger and didn't have health problems like I do now. I think it is great to embrace who you are though. I occasionally will go without makeup. I think you look beautiful in your pics!

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