Monday, July 28, 2014



Thinking about// finding my motivation for my workout. (Daily internal conversation over coffee.)

Drinking// Yup, you guessed it, coffee. Love having a sweet little Starbucks employee living in my basement! Also, this is the time where I motivate myself for my workout!

Reading// Well... I just finished up The Giver again, I still have An Abundance of Katherines to finish up and a couple other books. Hmm... what are they again...

Watching// Baby Daddy on Netflix. We're kind of running low on shows right now, what do you suggest?

Thankful For// A new job opportunity for the mister. And at least one 3 hour chunk of sleep last night.

Enjoying// Our clean carpets and couch. Got a new carpet cleaner last night and started cleaning away. Love a clean house. Oh and some of the cute pics on my phone as I'm helping clean up some space on it!

Loving// My smaller size stretchy jeans and smaller size t-shirt. It's such a great feeling to know that your hard work (okay it's only about 30 mins a day) is actually paying off.

Listening to// nothing but me typing away. My girls are still sleeping- thank goodness- it's only 6:50 right now, and it was a late and long night, especially for Miss M. Can't wait for these iron drops to start kicking in more and helping her sleep better! 

What are you up to currently? Also-- do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?!

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Sarah McKelvy said...

I already had my first cup of coffee for the day. Hoping to have a second in an hour or two.

Chelsea Olivia said...

You can absolutely come use that cleaner on my carpets... they are not so good hahahah!

Jessica Dimas said...

Mmmm, coffee! And I love a clean house too! I just finished cleaning my house and it feels so amazing. What kind of cleaner did you get?

becky17joe said...

If you find the motivation, will you send some my way? I really need it!!

Adorable photos!!!

YAY for smaller jeans & tshirts!!
{fist bump}

Stopping by from the link up, I am Becky with Choose Happy!

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