Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rosetta Translations

I don't know how I do it, but sometimes (probably fairly often to be honest), I follow a link to something I really want to learn how to do, or learn about and BAM! the site is in a different language. Just my luck. Seriously happens all too often. So I start to wander in my thoughts... I wonder what I'm missing.... how can I translate this.... I wonder if they've ever thought about putting their blog in English. Just a whole bunch of random thoughts. 

Well did you know, Rosetta Translation is one of many translation agencies around. They specialize in legal, medical, technical and financial language translation. (Websites included!) They are based out of London. I had a great time wandering their site, seeing what they offer. It looks like a great company to work with, especially if you are a business man like my dad is.Just the other day my mom was telling me of the places my dad will travel for work and leisure this year.

 Lucky guy gets to hit a bunch of beautiful places that I can only dream of one day heading. London being one of them. (More on that in another post.) Well as I sat talking with her, she told me that my dad would be needing a translator for some of the locations he would be heading. I wonder if they use a company like this one? Have you ever used a translator or translation agency? Have you ever found yourself wandering and end up on a site in a different language? 

This post was brought to you from your friends at Rosetta Translation.

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