Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sappy Sunday Posts.

Sundays have turned into one of my favorite days of the week. It's the only day where we actually don't do anything other than head to church and spend time as a family. After we've had lunch we set the girls free to destroy one side of the house while we work to pick up the other. It's when the girls think we aren't listening that we get the best moments. 

As I peer around the corner or listen just down the hall our 3 yr old watches out for her sister and teaches her how to play. Giggles and bright wondering eyes are almost always the response. My heart heals a little more during these moments. That pain, anger and hate I felt watching people get pregnant once or twice before we were blessed with our first, then again as we waited to be blessed with our second, are slowly being changed. 

These two are handfuls for sure but they are my handfuls and I am so grateful for the  moments I get to steal away with them. Watching them grow, learn and play. Hearing them teach laugh and sing. 

What are your Sundays like?

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