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Monday, August 4, 2014

Currently. Aug 4.

Oh Monday, I am so ready for you to be here. I'm ready for a new week, I'm ready for new projects and just everything you have to offer. As long as it's good okay?  


Watching: My sweet girls eat breakfast. They have to do everything together. The smiles I get when they play together melt me. 

Looking at: The pictures on my phone. I have a ton of "elfies" of Miss A. Little stinker has found the flash and the flashlight on my phone and think they are hilarious. How can you get mad at this little "elfie" taker?

Thinking about: Our day, I feel like we need more of a schedule, ours is pretty open which is nice, but I'm sure my girls (& nephew when he's here) would like a little bit better schedule. I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bunch so we can enjoy so wagon walks in the morning and afternoon. 

Thankful for: All of the things we've been blessed with lately, and actually being able to enjoy them. Life is about to start changing up a bit with the husband's new job. Things are looking up and I'm so ready for it. Also thankful for the friends I've found through blogging. I got out of the game for a bit and really felt like I was missing something. It's amazing the feeling you get when you realize, yes I do have friends, and support and people that like to listen to my randomness. 

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WorkingMomMagic said...

Love this quick and sweet little post! I also LOVE your sweet girls 'elfies!!

k said...

I gosh I totally could've been the one to write this (minus one child). Toddler who learned who to use the phone camera? Check! Open schedule that needs some structure? Check! Excited outlook for the future? Double check!

Seriously though, those two are just the cutest!

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