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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{Day 1} Joy School.

Friends, my big girl had her very first day of Joy School today.

She was so excited to get up and get ready for her day. She picked out her outfit, packed her mouse backpack {with a penguin} and got ready to go. She also left me at the door, didn't even need me to come in with her. Made me so proud. Absolutely love watching her and her confidence grow.

 She absolutely loved it, and keeps telling me that she learned about her "special letter" today. Everything is about the letter "A" today. I thought she loved it before, but after sharing it with her friends, she is addicted to it now! 

So with school starting, and with it coming to my house the first week of October, I'll be sharing what I've been up to while getting my lesson ready, also, I got a chance to make the music box for school and I'll be sharing that soon!

Have you ever done a Joy School in your neighborhood? If so, what types of things did you enjoy doing with the kids?

Happy Wednesday!

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