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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Flavors.

I'm so glad it's finally September! I love the cooler weather and watching the colors changing on the mountains, but there is one thing I'm really looking forward too.

The food. Mostly the baking, so like the crazy pinner I am I've been wandering Pinterest looking for some new yummy recipes to try this fall & winter. Head on over to my Fall Desserts Board & see what I've found.
I'm really looking forward to trying some new pumpkin desserts this fall. I love pumpkin and am so lucky that most people in my family love it to! Though they are always willing to try whatever dessert I bring! 

 What are your favorite desserts to make/eat during the fall?   

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1 comment:

Michelle Louise Love said...

Apple pie, or apple crumble! Yum and yummmmmmm

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