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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday. Music.

My house is quiet. Well almost. If you listen very carefully, over The Princess Frog, you'll hear two very sleepy babies snoring. We've had a rough Monday morning over here. My nephew is going through a nasty little mean boy phase, and my baby had to get blood work done this morning. Kind of just ruined the whole day, so to hear them sleeping so peacefully is music to my ears.

Exactly how I've been feeling today.

Music. Let's talk about it.Everyone is so different when it comes to music, that I absolutely love hearing what people like to listen to. 

For example my sweetheart loves metal and rap, but you'll catch him singing to the Frozen soundtrack with my girls as loud as they can.

In the morning I turn on Spotify and listen to our mixture of songs. We have oldies "I Will Always Love You"- Whitney Houston. We have newer songs "Royals"- Lorde. We have country Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, George Strait. We have songs from soundtracks: Frozen, A Walk To Remember, Despicable Me 2

Seriously, there is a little of everything on our playlist. Just the way we like it. We don't listen to the radio very often if at all, so I'm not sure what the newest songs are, but the songs that get my girls singing and dancing are played over and over again, and beat out any new songs. 

I cannot wait for Christmas music to be on though. I absolutely LOVE Christmas music and am hoping my girls will love it just as much! What type of music do you listen to? Do you have a favorite song?

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Anonymous said...

Love your quote!! Just how I feel sometimes! LOVE Christmas music too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your quote!! Just how I feel sometimes! LOVE Christmas music too!!!!

Jenny Lynn said...

The quote would have been perfect for me a few days ago. Great quote! I love, love Christmas too. Hope tomorrow goes better. Like you, I enjoy the sound of silence. ;)

Unknown said...

My playlist is really similar to yours. Must be a sign of good taste! :) x

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