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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

tl;dr : October First!

Welcome October. Seriously, I'm loving the cooler weather, even though it's freezing when I wake up. Fun things are constantly happening here and it's terribly hard to keep up with posting about it. Let's do a little Too Long- Didn't Read (or in my case write).

Preschool is going great still, today was our very first lesson at our house. Miss A was so thrilled!

Miss A started dance class a couple weeks ago, we're looking forward to signing her up for tumbling!

trying on skirts for dance!
Miss M is officially off iron drops and is sleep tons better at night, some nights she actually sleeps through the night!

We headed to the zoo again, and this time the new African Savanna exhibit was open, it was amazing.

We fell in love with this Apple Pie Caramel Apple recipe.

We could use some prayers right now, Miss A is having some interesting health thing going on right now and while we wait to figure out what it is, prayers would be great!

What have you been up to lately?

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Unknown said...

i am pleased to see that you are enjoying life

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