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Monday, November 10, 2014

Cleaning & Attitude.

It seems like for a while there I was  playing catch up. 

Laundry, dishes, blogging, nursery projects for church, and all the other fun little chores that life entails. 

It wasn't until lately that I've finally found a good groove. I'm no longer lost in the piles of laundry, my laundry gets folded and put away after being dried. The stack of dishes in the sink is either non-existant or no longer a daunting task. 

Is my house perfectly tidy? Heck no! As I sit and type I have a basket of soiled clothes awaiting a good wash, Toys are strewn about the living room, creating a nice obstacle course. And I'm sure if you were to look closer there is probably a nice layer of dust covering photographs and furniture. 

So what has changed? My attitude and my schedule. I wake myself up by 7 am, and get started on breakfast and the little things I want to do for myself while my girls are snug in their beds. Catching up on shows and painting my nails are no longer a thing of the past. Once the girls are up I start on my to-do list. The dishes are cleaned, the toys picked up and the laundry sorted and started. Throughout the day little messes are made, and they eventually pile up to disasters, but my girls are happy and so am I. 

Once bath time rolls around the chores are started once again. Dishes, toys and laundry are tidied up again and we all climb into bed with a clean house and smiles on our faces. We no longer strive to have a clean house only to fall short and fill with disappointment. We clean as we go, and enjoy the playtime and the messes in between.

How do you keep your house clean with young children? 

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