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Sunday, January 11, 2015

ABC Flashcards: eBook Review

It seems like I can't quite keep my phone in my hands. It always seems to find its way into the hands of my little girls. Miss M doesn't quite understand what to do with it and I end up with lots of selfies and videos of random moments of our day. If only that were the same for Miss A. She knows how to navigate YouTube and wander through the app store or Netflix. I've been trying to keep her away from my phone, but just to be safe I've made sure to put some fun apps and such on there for her. One thing we've been enjoying lately is the ABC Flashcards eBook. A fun eBook just perfect for my little 3 year old. 

I would recommend this to any busy mom who is looking for something more than just an app to keep little hands busy on their phone or other devices. The pages are great, the pictures are bright and just busy yet simple enough to keep her entertained and not overwhelmed. I quite often will catch Miss A singing the ABC's to Miss M and looking at this book. Great product for your littles! I did get this in exchange for my honest review, that being said it is my honest opinion that this eBook is wonderful! 

What apps or books do you keep handy on your devices for your littles?

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