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Friday, January 9, 2015

Best Healthy Vegan Holidays Recipes EBook Review.

It's no surprise to my family that there will be AT LEAST one new meal in our menu for the week. Some weeks all the meals will be something new and it might be a little scary but most of the time it's totally worth it. My husband and I love to try new foods and our girls do pretty well with it also. That's one of the things I was super worried about, I've seen SO many kids that are super picky about what they eat, so having my girls at least give things are try is a huge relief! So when given the chance to review Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes Ebook, I was super thrilled!

We have enjoyed venturing out into some of these new recipes. Super simple and easy to follow.Even though I got this in exchange for a review all opinions are my own! Oh and another quick thing, I remember reading something about babies that it takes like 5 times or something close to that before they know whether they actually like a food or not, so I try and remember that when we try new veggies or have our girls try new meals. If my husband and I enjoy it then I'll make it a few more times to make sure my girls have a few chances to try it and see whether or not they like it.  Do you switch up your meal plan very often? Have you ever tried a Vegan meal? If so what was it and how did you like it?

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