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Sunday, January 25, 2015

{Review} Car Seat Back Protector

I cannot keep little feet off the back of my car seat, especially if these little feet are dirty. It wasn't until we had two kids that I noticed this new problem. At least one of them has to be behind a seat and you know those seats attract feet like magnets. I used to have to tell them several times to keep their feet off, "put your shoes down", stop kicking my chair, but now I have this awesome little car seat back protector in my car. 

If only I could get that great of a picture of it in my car. I'll have to keep trying. Also I need to vacuum my car out, something happened with some peanut butter crackers. They may have exploded, or at least look like they did. 

Anyway, so one day I'm sitting in the parking lot and my husband is running into the store and I just so happened to leave the mail in the car on the day I got this! I stuck it on (easily!!!) and he didn't even notice! I love the fact that it went on so perfectly and so secretively. The packaging it came it was great! It also looks fine in the car, isn't even noticeable. Great product, would recommend it to anyone that has little feet that like to kick the back of their cars. Even though I got this product in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. If you have little feet constantly touching the back of your car seat and want something to help protect it I'd definitely recommend this!

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Unknown said...

that is really clever, having a back seat protector

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