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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

{Review} Portollano Womens Gloves

If there is one thing I don't have enough of, or even any of, are gloves. I don't know how I have survived the last dozen or so winters without them. I don't remember a time having any other than the cheap dollar ones you can get but end up with holes in even if you cut the tags off. Well this past month I've been enjoying my Portollano Womens High Fashion Gloves. These gloves are super cute.

Honestly, at first I was super turned off by the color and was wondering what the heck people were thinking calling this color of orange a high fashion color, when to me it felt more like construction orange. After giving them a try for a couple days, I FELL IN LOVE. They are so comfy, so easy to put on and they are snug but just the right amount of snug. The color though it doesn't exactly match everything I have, it matches enough fairly well that I can get away with wearing them often. Also, great when I had to sneak them out to shovel some snow. Now they stay in the kitchen close to the garage so my sister can borrow them also, which she loves them too! 

I did get these in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own honest opinions. 

Do you have gloves that you love? Or are you lucky enough to live somewhere that you don't need gloves?

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1 comment:

Shell said...

I only need them a few days of the year, but I love a fun color like this!

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