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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hair- it's time for a change.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I bleached my hair and colored it red back in November. I absolutely loved it and have been keeping it up (minus the bleaching part). Well the time has finally come. The hair is getting a change this Wednesday. It's forever away. I mean it's Monday 5pm and Wednesday is never coming. 

 If you follow me on Pinterest you might have seen some of my hair ideas- if not here are some of the things I'm tossing around.

This cut. Eek do I dare?! It's shorter than I've had my hair in years! 

This color. 

This cut/color, I mean it would be a little shorter since I have the asymmetrical thing going on right now.  

This color.

I'm leaning towards the top two. Eek. 
How do you make hair decisions? 
Does it keep you up at night like it does me?

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Jasmine @ The Jasmine Maria said...

I love the ombre short hair look. I have that right now and its my go to hair for the summer.

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I love the middle two! I love ombre.

Unknown said...

I agree that I love the ombre look. I'm thinking about having it done myself. I love highlights but they are so hard to keep up!

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