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Sunday, May 31, 2015

{Review} The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

About 2 years ago my husband took my advice and started a gluten free diet. He sticks to it when he goes out and when we're at home. The thing is, I meal plan & grocery shop, and my daughters and I don't necessarily follow a gluten free diet all of the time. At first I would check labels and only buy anything that was clearly labeled Gluten Free. It was so time consuming to walk through the store, and having to double check everything I picked up. I eventually had figured out several things and just sorta stuck with those items for a while. 

This last couple weeks I've tried something new when it comes to my meal planning and grocery shopping. I've been using The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. I just meal plan and as I'm writing my grocery list if there is something I haven't bought too often or something I'm not quite sure about I'll just pull it up in the book. 

Honestly, at first I didn't see a point to this book, I was a bit overwhelmed with it and wasn't sure I'd even care to look through it. I mean sitting down to find new recipes, meal plan, make a grocery list, is more than enough to keep me busy and now I was supposed to throw this book in the mix? It seemed like a pain. It's really not though. I've enjoyed using it and making sure that I'm picking up the right things for my husband. 

I know he will never know what it's like to have to meal plan, make a grocery list and grocery shop all while trying to follow a specific diet, but it's A LOT of work, especially with 2 young kids in tow. If he ever gets the opportunity to actually do it I'm sure he'd appreciate the book as much as I have learned to. 

Those of you that are Gluten-Free, how do you meal plan and grocery shop? Do you stop and check every item- or are you stuck in a rut like I was for a bit there with just buying what is familiar? If you're just starting a Gluten-Free lifestyle or are looking for something to help you out, this book is a good option! Very helpful and easy to use. If you already have something you use, let me know what it is and how you like it! I was given this book in exchange for my honest review! 

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