Monday, July 20, 2015

Coffee Talk {2}

I'm starting this week out with a To-Do List on my mind- making this link-up the perfect one for me!

1. Clean house. My house looks great Monday night-Saturday morning, but sometime between Saturday Morning and Monday afternoon a tornado comes through and manages to destroy everything. I've been trying to work on this but just can't seem to get there. 

2. Subway art printables. I've been working on a few prints, a couple for my house and one for a lady in my neighborhood. I get up before my girls lately and just watch shows while I wait for them to wake up, instead I'm going to start pulling my laptop out and working away. 

3. Pick a hair cut/color. My anniversary is in 4 weeks. I am getting my hair done and have no idea what to do, I'm determined to have at least a couple ideas by the end of the week so I can make an appointment. 

There ya have it! Three of my goals for the week!

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Unknown said...

Hi! To clean my apartment is on my to do list aswell..i have to overcome laziness first!

Jasmine @ The Jasmine Maria said...

I'm thinking of coloring my hair again back to brown though. Indecisive right now though. lol Good luck with cleaning. Hate it. lol Thanks for linking up.

Unknown said...

What wonderful goals this week! I just made my own hair appointment and have no idea what I am going to do... I do know it will be fabulous though! Congratulations on celebrating 4 years together! I am sure you two will make it a memorable evening!

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