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Thursday, August 20, 2015

11 More Questions.

I am so excited to finally feel well enough to get to writing this post. I've been going over answers in my head for weeks, thinking of who to tag, trying to figure out what pictures I want to use if any(turns out I didn't ha- just the 3 I found online). Mistle from Sweet Tea & Hydrangeas tagged me in her Getting to Know Me post back in July! If you don't know her yet, head on over and say hello! 
Questions to Answer:
1. Who inspired you to start a blog? In 2009 my husband and I began trying to start a family. Things were not going easily or as it seems to have happened for those around us. I was constantly wandering the world wide web in hopes of finding answers or ideas, comfort or friendship and that is when I started to come across blogs. I wish I knew the first one I came across or that the others than followed were still around so you could get to know them.
2. Where are you originally from? I was born in Utah but grew up in California, only to move back to Utah towards the end of high school. I feel like both have a special place in my heart.
3. What do you like to do for fun? I love to be creative. Baking, crafting....things like that. I don't do it very often because let's face it, kids come first in my life and if they can't help it doesn't happen. 
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ah! I don't know! I feel like Australia would be amazing- my dad spent 2 years there on his mission and loved it. It would be amazing to go and see what he saw!
5. What is your long-term goal for your blog? I honestly just want to remember. Remember the things I thought were a big deal, those things that actually were and all the little in between stuff. I do love the friendships I've made through blogging and hope to continue with that.
6. What are two of your most popular posts? If only I could actually find the good ones- I know for sure that My Ring was one of them, and Guest Post is what comes up in the stats as the top! 
7. What is your favorite tv show or movie? Eek! I watch so many shows & movies that there are too many to just name one! I love My Best Friend's Wedding (or anything with Julia Roberts) PS I Love you & The Other Guys are a few favorites! Also Grey's Anatomy, Scandal & How To Get Away with Murder are a few TV show loves!

8. What advice would you give to bloggers that are just starting out? Just be you and keep going. I feel like trying to fit in with everyone else gets you no where! 
9. What is your favorite food? Mexican- though I've had some amazing homemade Mexican dishes thanks to my wonderful Mexican family. If only I could make it as well as them.
10. If you could listen to one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be? I love the Michelle Branch Spirit Room CD. I've had it for years and every time I find it- I love it more.

11. What is your favorite store to shop at? Target is the top of my list for sure! I try to avoid it so I'm not tempted to buy all of the things!

Now as for finding people to do this list I'll let you decide if you want to or not!

Here are my questions:

Where are you from?

What is the best thing about your town/city?

Favorite recipe?

What makes you want to blog?

What are your favorite blogs to check out?

Do you have a dream vacation?

Favorite books?

What shows are you looking forward to having come up this fall?

Favorite holiday coming up & why?

Top or Favorite blog posts of your own?

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Primp And Prime Beauty said...

So nice to learn more about you! Thanks for opening up and sharing

Anonymous said...

Australia would be a lot of fun to visit!!! I love My Best Friend's Wedding, Grey's, Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder. I can't wait till they come back on (though I have not watched Grey's in forever). I love Mexican food as well! Oh Michelle Branch. I forgot about her. Target is my worst enemy. I could spend my whole paycheck in there. So glad you got to do this with me!

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