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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Just 10 Photos.

10 Photos I Took in 2013. 

Last vacation as a family of 3 to Vegas, April 2013.

The day another absolutely perfect, amazing little girl joined our family. July 2013.

Crazy sisters.

Eyeliner. Someone is getting adventurous. 

Baking with Baby Powder. Oh my sweet 2 year old.

Halloween as a family of 4. October 2013.

Just the 2 of us.


Thanksgiving 2013.

Kisses for her sweet sister. November 2013.

December 2013. Yes, December 23 to be exact. 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

In-law Drama & Babies.

I'm not sure what makes my in-laws do the things they do. I am however very tired of the way they question every decision I make. 

For example, the fact that I didn't want any visitors while I was in labor with Miss A, my mom and baby sister took me to the hospital and waited till my husband showed up then left to pick up around my house & love my dog. My younger sister stopped by with food for the husband that night, weren't there for more than 5 minutes total. 

Or that I didn't want kids or very many visitors in the hospital after I had her. I didn't need a crowded room while I was relaxing and enjoying my first hours as a mom. (If you like to do that, that's fine I'm not judging, its just not what I wanted to have happen.)

Every time they threw a fit. Complaining, saying it was weird. Like when they got mad because I was tired of people showing up whenever with whoever they wanted after I got home and said something about it. My house, my baby, my rules. 

The newest thing is the fact that I'm having my girls share a room. I just finished putting the toddler bed back into the nursery & setting up the new crib. They fit perfect in that room together. I grew up always sharing a room, I loved it. Once I was older I got my own room, just when I started feeling like I needed my own space. And again, my house, my girls, my rules. 

Every one parents different. My husband and I have agreed on a certain way that makes us all comfortable and happy. It's worked for us for over 2 years now. My sisters and their boyfriends choose to parent different than us, as do my brother, his fiance and his son's mom. They do what works for them. I might not agree with their styles, but they know their kids and I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, it's not my place

Having our new addition joining us so soon really has me on edge. I'm not ready for any drama with my in-laws. They're just going to need to accept that I do things different than them. I don't want an audience at the birth of Miss M, Miss A will be with my family, we'll only have a few visitors at the actual hospital and then people can schedule a time to visit at home after. It's really that simple. 

I don't know what to do. I'm starting to stress out about what they're going to do. I don't need my brother in law telling me that I need medication, because I like things a certain way. (Still can't believe he said that, I should have strangled him.)

 But really friends, what do you do? 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time goes by fast.

I feel like this year is flying by. I mean it's already almost June. Can you believe it? I know I can't. 

It's been over a month since A & I took this picture in Las Vegas. 

It's been a couple weeks since we've gotten our vinyl fence up, making the yard enclosed & a bit safer for A & her puppy Scout to play in. 

You might have read this Spring Cleaning post, a month ago, where I felt totally overwhelmed by all that needed to be done in my house. 

Well guess what, I figured it out. I started making weekly lists of things I wanted to get done, and started doing it. 

The nursery no longer looks like this.

Sadly, that was after a ton of cleaning was done. It looks like this now.

It actually is ready for all the fun things I've ordered, to arrive and be set up. 
All of Miss M's clothes Newborn - 3 months have been washed folded & hung up.

It's coming fast. I remember people telling me while I was pregnant with A that the last trimester would drag on, it flew by then & it's flying by now. Less than 4 weeks left till I'm full term. She could be here in less than 4 weeks. Crazy right?

What have you been up to?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pregnancy Catch Up! Weeks 2-15!

I can't believe I haven't done a pregnancy update post with pictures. I mean I let you in on the secret here, but other than that nothing really. It's not that I don't have pictures, I do have 7 or so, to share. It's just like last time though, I was really sick in the beginning, you learned that here. But this time around I have my toddler by my side, so most of my time up until a few weeks ago was spent trying to survive.

 Well it's time to catch up!

I got lucky & actually have a picture of myself at 2 weeks pregnant. Meaning, we had no idea if things would work. We were on our way to a basketball game & decided that I better make sure my outfit looks okay. So there you have it, 2 weeks pregnant!

I feel like I it really depends on your outfit at first, whether or not your belly is showing. I mean I really don't feel like I popped till closer to 20 weeks & even then I feel like I wasn't noticeably pregnant until probably 22 weeks.  

Well anyway, this post is about those first umm... we'll just go with 15 weeks. 
Boy were those weeks challenging, but worth every moment. 

Getting our first 2 Ultrasound pictures, seeing & hearing her heartbeat. 


Clinging to the toilet for dear life, meh that wasn't too fun. 
Having my toddler know that you throw up in the toilet, eh, still not fun.

In these first 15 weeks, I got to see my little girl grow up so fast, watch her learn & show love & try to understand what I was going through.  

I got to see my husband show support, and beam with excitement. Even though he was stuck doing dishes, cooking and cleaning. He never complained. 

We knew what to expect. That's why we waited till A was closer to 2 before starting to try again. We knew we had to be prepared for all day long sickness (again), and lack of energy. Let's just say an overall feeling of death. I'm sure some of you understand that feeling. 

Anyway in those first 15 weeks, our family grew. Not just in number but in love & support. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Surviving Morning Sickness with a Toddler.

So if you followed me through my last pregnancy you know that the first 12 weeks my world is being turned upside down. Nothing will stay in my stomach, not even water. Life is wild. It was hard the first time around, but now with an almost 2 year old in tow, morning sickness has jumped up a level.

These are a few tricks that I've learned to help my toddler deal with my morning sickness. 

1. I leave the door open if it's just us at home. She gets scared if the door is shut and she hears it. In between my stomach emptying itself I tell her that it's okay and try and make light of it for her. 

2. I find a comfortable spot on the floor close to her so we can watch shows or play games together with me moving very little to none, while my stomach is turn and my world spinning.

3. I let her be a big girl as much as she wants. No more babying her unless she needs/wants it. It's amazing how excited she gets when we start singing the "Clean Up" song, she knows that what we're going to do will be fun and will end with a treat of some sort!

As for me dealing with a toddler an morning sickness:

1. Wake up just before they get up and pop a pill and relax. (Dr's suggestion)

2. Clean when possible, or needed. My house has been a disaster for the last 8 or so weeks, it's fine unless someone is coming over & then I find enough strength to clean. I figure as long as it's just toys and clothes, no need to worry about it. 

3.We snack together. If I just need an apple or a few sour patch kids, she is more than welcome to it as well, makes her feel like she's part of the club.

4. Remember that this is all new and their toddler world is being rocked as well. The once active mom is now laying around looking awful. This one took me a little bit to figure out, but once I did and helped her through it, she's understanding and back to her happy little self.

Though I've reached the 12 week mark and things are slowly dying down morning sickness wise, I still follow these little rules I've figured out. My pregnancy wasn't too easy last time around and this time I want to make sure that my toddler is happy, and feels loved even though our world is being rocked.

What are some tips you have for handling morning sickness while you have a toddler?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Telling the Husband!

So I absolutely LOVE reading how people tell their spouses about them being pregnant, and this time around I knew exactly what to do! 

 I took a test Monday afternoon (Oct 29), and got what I thought was a line! 

I was so unsure though! So I didn't say anything to Sky. So the next morning I got up and took another.
(Monday on top, Tuesday on bottom!)
I still wasn't convinced. Crazy right?
So later I went and got a pack of digital tests &
took one right in the Wal-Green's Bathroom! 

So I made A this cute shirt that says Big Sister on it, put it over her outfit & had hubs get her. He walked into the room kind of saw it, started to leave then went, wait what? Big sister?!

Wish I could have gotten a picture of her in it, but I will! She'll have plenty of time to wear it! 

It was perfect!

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