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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Image Map Tutorial

Ever wonder how you can make your own header  for your blog &
 put pages &  social media links on it, & actually have them link?

Step 1: After creating your header, upload it to PhotoBucket.
Step 2: Copy the Direct Link of that image.
(Super easy, just click on it!)

Step 3: Paste that link in the "From URL" box on Image Map & Click "Start mapping Your Image"

Step 4: Click the "Continue to Next Step" Button
Step 5: Un-Check the "Show Text  Links" box (blue)
& Click on the "Rectangle Button" (pink)

Step 6: Position the rectangle over the page name or social media Icon you want to link.

In the box by the blue arrow, enter the link you want this area to go to when clicked on. 
In the box by the Orange arrow, you can write something if you want a word to appear when they hover, I usually do that for the Social Media Icons, not the pages, since the pages are pretty self explanatory.  

Click Save
Continue to do step 6, until all areas are linked up. 

Step 7: Click the "Get Your Code" button.

Step 8: Click the HTML Code tab at the top. (Pink arrow)
Copy (CTRL A+ CTRL C) the code in the box (blue arrow)

Step 9: Paste the code into a HTML/JavaScript gadget under the header section of your blog. 

Pink arrow shows where gadget should be located.
Blue arrow shows where to paste the code.

And there ya have it!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picasa Web Albums: Watermarking.

So I don't know about you, but I constantly check to see what brings people to my blog. Sometimes images do, and sometimes I realize that image wasn't watermarked. 

I don't want to go back to that post, and take the pic down, watermark it & then put it back up, that'd take way too long to go through all the pictures!
I found a super easy way!

Now this works if you use Blogger.

First things first, sign into blogger.
Then go to 
(in another tab preferably!)

These are all the albums you have, look for the one with the Blogger symbol next to it, and open that one up!

Now this shows all of the pictures you have uploaded through blogger!

Click on whatever picture it is you want to watermark.

Where the top arrow is, you'll find Action then click on Edit in Creative Kit.

So where the blue arrow is it says "Text" click on that & it'll give you the options that the orange arrow is pointing at.

Now just type in what you want the watermark to say in (blue arrow), choose the font you like, click add & then you can change the font color, size & rotate it how ever you'd like. 

Then just mess with the Fade bar (by the red arrow). Click "Save to my album in the top right corner, it'll ask if you want to replace the original  photo, click "Replace". 

And there ya have it. A beautifully watermarked photo.
 Now if you go & find this photo on your blog it will be watermarked!

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