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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mon & Tues

What a whirl wind this past week has been. Life has been thrown in every direction. My brother & nephew moving out, the contractions and other baby stuff, I got my hair cut into an a-line again, and my sister is pregnant again. Wait what?! My little 16 year old sister is pregnant? And again even?!

Yup that's the newest gossip amongst the family. You might remember this from this post or even this one briefly mentioned it. But last year we found my sister --then 15-- was pregnant, and she ended up having a miscarriage. Monday she texted my dad while my mom and I were at the hair place and said she was pregnant again. Seriously? All I wanted to do was laugh. I mean really? She'll be 17 in April, and her boyfriend will be 17 in September, after they think the baby is due.

I just can't believe any of this. I of course support her and want the best for her but my heck.

Anyway that's just one thing going on around here.

I had another Dr's appt yesterday, thankfully I didn't gain the zillion pounds I thought I would have because of all the treats people have been bringing me... hmmm...a person on bed rest needs healthy stuff like carrots, so they don't just lay around eating chocolate all day :) He said bed rest for 2 more weeks (till my next appt) and no sex for at least 3.... ummm excuse me doc? That's not fair. I'll lay in bed for months if I have to but no sex?! Whatever. He wants me to keep her in there till 37 weeks, which is only 5 1/2 weeks not too bad. I just wish the contractions would stop completely. I also wish we could get more internal exams just to see if they're doing anything at all. Guess I'll just get to wait it out :)

Hope everyone is doing well!
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