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Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm starting to post just to post. Just to kill time in my day, so my posts are most likely boring and uneventful. Hopefully they'll start to pick up after bed rest if that ever happens. Yesterday I had probably 20 contractions total. In 1 hour I had probably close to 6, took a pill, had 3 more then they disappeared. Had a few randoms here and there, then had quite a few again and had to take another pill later that night. I wasn't even doing anything. Same thing happened today, haven't had as many but I'll just be laying down relaxing, totally hydrated, not stressed, empty bladder and BAM! They start up. I don't get it anymore. They come if I do anything, but come if the situation is perfect (relaxed, hydrated, empty bladder). I don't know what to think anymore.

I am part of a wonderful ward, my Relief Society President stopped by Tuesday, with a counselor I think, and the Secretary calls me all the time, and people I don't remember ever meeting have brought me stuff. It's amazing. I feel so blessed. Any ideas on how to pass the time?
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