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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Job Loss & Insurance.

It's been a month since my husband lost his job. A whole month & boy has life had to change. It's kind of crazy all the different things you realize a job does for you. Like Insurance. 

About 3 months ago we finally made the jump to join hubs' insurance through his work.We had originally been paying for insurance outside of a group. We had great insurance. If I would have known he was going to lose his job 2 months later I wouldn't have switched. It's crazy how fast things can change. Well right after he lost his job we started looking for new insurance knowing we didn't have too much longer left with our current. I found a few websites that would help with our insurance comparison shopping

Only to later find out that I couldn't be covered, due to taking Clomid just a couple weeks before he lost his job. Frustrating. I knew that would mean COBRA was our next option. So I found some information about COBRA Insurance. Which was then followed by the standard letter from COBRA letting us know what our payment was and how long they could cover us. 

As soon as we're eligible to get back on with an Insurance company, which I'm thinking won't be until I'm pregnant or until hubs gets a job I'll have to start with that comparison shopping again. I feel like I know a fair amount about health insurance plans, well at least how to shop for them. It's nice knowing there are different tools & websites to help. 

Have you ever lost a job & lost insurance? What did you do? I know some times people can find jobs faster than others & I'm sure a lot of people aren't taking fertility medication, but if you are what did you do? Anyone dealt with or dealing with what I'm going through?

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four Eyes.

Random fact about me. I wear glasses. Well I should at least. I started wearing them in elementary school. Just for reading though. I wore them off & on through out Junior High & High School. I never really felt comfortable in them though, so I mainly wore them when I hid in my room. I don't know why though, plenty of people in my family have worn or do wear glasses. My dad has ALWAYS had them, my mom had readers & now wears them ALL the time.

My sweet husband, Skyler wears eyeglasses too. He loves them. He used to just wear contacts, but now has decided he'd much rather wear glasses. Which I don't quite understand, I still find it silly to wear glasses. So what if I'm a little uncomfortable? 

Maybe I should go get my eyes checked. I'm sure I SHOULD be wearing at least reading glasses. Who knows, maybe I SHOULD be wearing  multifocal glasses by now. Whatever it is, I'm sure I SHOULD go find out. Maybe soon. Seeing as we do have Vision Coverage now. (Isn't that awesome?! I know I'm getting excited over insurance, but whatever! We haven't had Vision or Dental in the last 3 years, you best believe I'll be hitting up the Dentist when I get the courage too!)

Anyway, like most of you I like to shop online so I figured I'd look around and see if I could shop for or even buy eye glasses online. You know what? You can. I was super excited, because I don't have to go in and get my eyes checked just to try on some glasses.

Super fun right? If you didn't try it, you really should. I spent WAY too much time playing around with it!

What do you think? Anyway, go check out 
and have some fun like I did. 

Decide to buy some? 

Summer Sale:
Get 30% off prescription eyeglasses (or sunglasses) + FREE Shipping with the code: Summer2012

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Online Shopping.

 I've seen A LOT of people talking about Zulily & I've noticed quite a few of their banners around the web,

 Honestly I didn't really know what it was, I mean yeah I assumed it was clothing for children, but didn't know much else about it. 

First things first & if you've been there you already know this, you have to sign up, don't worry though it was something simple like email address, password & name.

Then I started wandering around their website, I found out it's a daily deal thing. 

(On their about page it says that deals last 72 hours, so pretty much I'm guessing you have only a short time to decide what you want then its gone! That part is kinda sad, because I like to think about things & then really think about them & then talk to hubs about them & think about them some more before I actually buy it, ha. It's a long painful process but it's what I do! 

The awesome part about it for me though, is they let ya in on what the upcoming events are! You can set up a reminder and such.)

 Oh & it gets even better, it's not just for kids. I looked around at stuff for me, for my house, they have maternity things, goodness I could spend SO much money here.

  I spent some time, A LOT of time looking at stuff for A, because you know it's much more fun to dress her. Anything looks good on her.

I'm in love. 

image via here

Aren't those so freakin' adorable!? I think A needs those with a cute skirt or a summer dress. Either way I think her little diaper bum would be super cute in it.

image via here

Or this dress?! Ah! I really think A needs this! We'll see if I can talk the hubs into it before this deal ends.

Why didn't anyone tell me that I should check it out sooner?! Blog friends, what happened to you?!  If you haven't checked it out, you should.

**I'm being paid if you sign up for their site from one of the links on my blog, but all the opinions are my own. I do think this site is awesome & definitely wouldn't recommend to you it if I didn't!**

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