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Monday, April 12, 2010

So AF decided to how up about 4 days late. She's just lovely. I swear the cramps and heavy bleeding knock me down pretty bad, she only lasted 3 days though. I stopped bleeding & spotting around 8 last night and nothing through the night and nothing this morning except for a little dot when I peed. Well I went to get bloodwork done in Ogden and they said oh the wait is around 2 hours or so. WTF!? and then my dr's office decided not to let me get it drawn there so I called Layton and asked if I could do it there and thank goodness I could! After the blood work i noticed that I had some spotting, a little light red mostly brown, but it was very light. I hope it was okay to get my bloodwork done today. He said right after my period. Well hopefully that works. I know there won't be anymore bleeding or anything just worries me. I want to make sure I get the best results and don't have to push this out any further. I'll go in on Monday to talk to my lovely Endo and see what he says. Hopefully he'll know. Hopefully we can get started on this process.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My poor honey lost his job last Friday. What a joy! He was supposed to have a month before the lay off and 6 weeks of vacation, it would have worked out perfectly, but they decided to start thinning people out sooner. Wonderful. I am supposed to go this Saturday to get blood work done, it was supposed to be cycle day 6 that day, but so far I'm on Cycle day 30 and still no sign but a few cramps randomly the last couple weeks of my period starting. Called the nurse today and she said to put off bloodwork until it starts, and then if it's not there by Wednesday next week to change my appointment from the 19th, and to find out what else to do. WTF!? This is starting to get frustrating, we were supposed to have a couple weeks left of insurance but by the time this blasted period starts we won't have it anymore and not that we mind paying out of pocket, it just feels a bit better to have the insurance. Oh well. I want to know whats keepin the blood from flowin'. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm for sure not getting my hopes up, I'm almost positive there is a 99% chance that its not possible for us to get pregnant right now. Well keep your fingers crossed that things work out soon.
Hope everyone is doing well!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I went to the Endocronologist (sp? sorry too lazy to look it up) yesterday. He was a really really sweet guy. The appointment was perfect. He asked so many questions and answered question before I even had them. I go back for blood work on the 10th day #6 of my next cycle, he says it's a possibility that I have PCOS. It's nice to hear that, even though its just a possibility and even if it is true it is the thing thats makin it hard to get pregnant. I love having an idea. I was sick of having everyone tell me they didn't know what was wrong. After bloodwork I'll go back Monday the 19th to talk to him about the results and possible treatment for whatever the case is.
In other news, I started a new job yesterday. I work at an in home daycare. I love it! There were 9 kids today for the two hours that I was there, we'll see what tomorrow brings. The couple that I work with and for are so sweet. She said she would work with dr's appointments and whatever I needed to make sure I got plenty of hours but that I also had time to get to those very important appointments!
This month is going to be a good one. Well this coming one. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

So its another lovely monday here in the office. I'm finally motivated to get some studying done, for my Philosophy exam on Wednesday. So what does this have to do with TTC? Well nothing actually. I decided I needed to throw some more life stories into my blog. i need to blog more and find interesting things to blog about, maybe that's why I currently have 0 comments and 0 followers. I need to start finding people.
So today is Cycle Day 12. I think we have officially given up on trying this cycle. With the bloodwork being all over the place and what not it seems like there is no hope this time around, and frankly I am fine with that. I'm just wanting to wait to see what the Endo. says hopefully I'll get a phone call on Tuesday, if not Wednesday, that would be great, but I know it will most likely be Thursday. I'm not sure what to expect, it's hard finding any answers on the internet about elevated progesterone levels, I mean yeah, you can look it up and you'll find plenty about menopause. Not exactly the articles I'm looking for, so I guess I just have to wait it out.
My BIL's wife is pregnant, and my SIL is ready to start trying after her husband gets back from basic or whatever, I don't even remember what he's doing anymore, I know he is in Virginia and thats about it. I know she'll get pregnant before us. It's just our luck it seems. Honestly they are one couple that do not need to have anymore kids, they can't even control the two kids that they have now, it'll only get worse when she's pregnant. (She's diabetic and an emotional wreck and has hard pregnancies due to that apparently. Thank goodness I wasn't around when she was pregnant.) I'm ready to hear the news from them. He'll be back a few days before my birthday, which falls on Easter this year. And I know in May we'll find out. It's just how it'll happen. I'll end up eating chocolate til no tomorrow and watching sad movies with my fur baby Scout. Oh well. At least I'm prepared.
I just don't know how well the baby shower is going to go next Sunday. My cousin got a 16 year old pregnant he's 21, and they're married now and she's having a little girl. Wonderful. He just barely got a job and they live with his mom. Gosh I wish I could be happy for them for more than just a second I'm just not sure how I can handle the shower. I don't know if I'll end up going. It all depends on what happens this week. Maybe I'll find a way out of it. Hopefully.
Well I just had to clear my mind before I could get back to studying. I'll be back again soon.

Friday, March 19, 2010


So I went to my appointment yesterday, got there 5 minutes early, signed in and sat and waited... about 5 minutes later I get called back... only to get my first set of bad news... I gained weight! BLAH! I was down to 138 and now I'm up to 147.... WTF!? Oh well I still fit in my "skinny"clothes so I worked through that... then the next fun part... I sat and waited for 40 MINUTES before anyone came in! It was my gyno... why is she here? I was supposed to meet with the OB.... oh joy... this is our conversation....

her: So there was a misunderstanding... you're not supposed to be here today....
my thoughts: WTF?!
her: well the nurse misread my note, it said "I need to consult with Dr. *******" and she took it as "you needing to consult with the Dr."
me: okay.
my thoughts: what a waste of my freakin time!
her: I haven't had a chance to talk to her about your test results til today. you're blank progesterone levels are slightly elevated.
my thoughts: seriously. the b!tch on the phone told me that my levels were normal the second time around and that I needed to come in.
her: Dr. ******* is consulting with the endocronologist (sp?) which your results were just sent over but he doesn't work fridays so you'll hear back from us prob tuesday or wednesday...
me: oh okay...
her: we'll refund your co-pay. thanks, and sorry again....
me: it's fine.

NOW WHAT THE HECK!??!?!?! I had my time wasted, to find out that a.) I wasn't supposed to be there and b.) nurse ding bat gave me the wrong info about my bloodwork!?

Well I then stood at the front counter waiting for nurse ding bat #2 to refund my money! Well of course there has to be a pregnant lady in front of me, they decided to schedule a zillion appointments for her and kept messing up on her due date... I'm already ticked on hurt by now, this is the last thing I want to deal with, so I eventually go sit down with my sister and wait another 15 minutes!

In the end I'm ticked. I don't know what's going on really, no one is really talking about it, which is good and bad, I'd rather have the truth from the endo. instead of a guess from my dr. But I'll have to wait til Wednesday to get results, most likely thursday, then I'll have to schedule an appointment which is another week out WTH!? but at least I'll be closer to my period by then so it'll be a start of a new cycle and maybe just maybe, keep your fingers crossed, they'll be able to help.
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