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Monday, May 17, 2010

A beautiful monday! Besides being called into work, early to cover the other girls shift! Today is CD4, its great to finally be nearly cramp free! I'm going to start taking the metformin again today, only 1 pill each day this week though so I can get my body used to it! I'm excited for this cycle, I have high hopes that this could be the one! (If not next time, I just know its getting close!) Skyler should be signed in this week, and we'll have insurance! Yay!

Now to vent a little! My honey's family is being ridiculous! They are making up lies about skyler and then his older sister of course tried to smooth it over to save herself because she said somethin too! Well he eventually called her and let her tell her side and he said he felt that she said something and he's still hurt and she told him " sounds like someone is poisoning you" WTH?! Who says that?! Grr... Oh well her loss!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So my period ended up starting Friday which for a change didn't bother me at all! It was nice to know my body is still working fairly well. The cramps were ridiculous though!! I'm glad that part is over... Today is now CD3, which is a step closer to us getting pregnant! We'll be getting our future little one's crib soon! (My brother's little boy has a bed now so we get the crib!!) I can't wait to start putting it together, I know we aren't pregnant and who knows how long it'll take but when it does happen I want our baby to have a beautiful nursery to call their own. Not sure if I posted that my honey lost his job, well we're still looking and we should be back into the military this week so we'll at least have insurance then I want to make an appointment to ask about these horrific cramps I experience! How's everyone else doing? I'll try to get on my computer later and leave some comments, I'm trying to do better at the blogging thing,it'll be a way to journal my thoughts and feelings as we take the bumpy LONG road to having a baby!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Very Bad Blogger

I've started to drift away again, I don't know why writing usually makes me feel much much better. Maybe because I don't have ANY followers at this point. Well I'm at work right now so I'm on my phone so forgive this post for any spelling issues or any other issues it might have. I believe last time I posted was before my follow-up appointment (April 19th). Well Dr. W said he believes I have PCOS, which does make sense of quite a few things. He prescribed me Metformin (4x a day-- don't remember the mg right now). I started taking 1 that night and threw up 23 times! Needless to say I was done with those stinkin pills but they said to try again friday. Friday I tried them again and was fine and slowly worked up to I believe 3 a day and then on the 2nd started throwing up again. And stopped taking them to relax and figured on the 6th when my period would start I would take them again. Well today is the 13th and no period yet. Took a test the 8th and negative, took a test yesterday and still negative, but no normal period is going to start signs. I started the metformin yesterday and only took two to ease back in and two today so far, maybe I can make it three. I'm keeping the 5 or so pounds off that I lost which is nice, haven't really been bloated at all til yesterday after I took those pills (seems like I bloat after I eat and it goes away then I get hungry and bloat again) maybe TMI right here but usually a few days if not a week before my period everything down there starts to dry up and not dry at all even more non-dry than before!

So for a quick other life update-- my 16 year old sister is pregnant, the military is taking us in loops, and my honey's family has crossed a line and it will take a while to mend things. Also I'm going to try and be more positive about everything.

Monday, April 12, 2010

So AF decided to how up about 4 days late. She's just lovely. I swear the cramps and heavy bleeding knock me down pretty bad, she only lasted 3 days though. I stopped bleeding & spotting around 8 last night and nothing through the night and nothing this morning except for a little dot when I peed. Well I went to get bloodwork done in Ogden and they said oh the wait is around 2 hours or so. WTF!? and then my dr's office decided not to let me get it drawn there so I called Layton and asked if I could do it there and thank goodness I could! After the blood work i noticed that I had some spotting, a little light red mostly brown, but it was very light. I hope it was okay to get my bloodwork done today. He said right after my period. Well hopefully that works. I know there won't be anymore bleeding or anything just worries me. I want to make sure I get the best results and don't have to push this out any further. I'll go in on Monday to talk to my lovely Endo and see what he says. Hopefully he'll know. Hopefully we can get started on this process.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My poor honey lost his job last Friday. What a joy! He was supposed to have a month before the lay off and 6 weeks of vacation, it would have worked out perfectly, but they decided to start thinning people out sooner. Wonderful. I am supposed to go this Saturday to get blood work done, it was supposed to be cycle day 6 that day, but so far I'm on Cycle day 30 and still no sign but a few cramps randomly the last couple weeks of my period starting. Called the nurse today and she said to put off bloodwork until it starts, and then if it's not there by Wednesday next week to change my appointment from the 19th, and to find out what else to do. WTF!? This is starting to get frustrating, we were supposed to have a couple weeks left of insurance but by the time this blasted period starts we won't have it anymore and not that we mind paying out of pocket, it just feels a bit better to have the insurance. Oh well. I want to know whats keepin the blood from flowin'. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm for sure not getting my hopes up, I'm almost positive there is a 99% chance that its not possible for us to get pregnant right now. Well keep your fingers crossed that things work out soon.
Hope everyone is doing well!!
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