Monday, January 24, 2011



Confused. The whole time we were TTC we were so confused as to what was going on. We didn't know what we were supposed to ask, supposed to be looking for. We did try charting for a bit though, and that was fun, getting up to check temps and what not. Glad that phase didn't last too long.

Crib & Contractions. I was so happy we found the crib set we did. I'll have to take pictures and post them of the nursery soon. I just have a few more things to do before it's presentable. I realized today that I've had contractions before the whole L&D event. I can't exactly remember when they started though, maybe a month before? Just a few weeks? But anyway I know they were there before just never thought anything of them, they weren't bad like they are now. Speaking of contractions I only have to take the pills for 3 more weeks.

Creative. I'd like to say my husband and I are pretty creative, when it comes to our imaginations. We can sit down and talk for hours about random stuff, and describe it in full detail. It's nice having someone to be like that with.



Birth control. Scares the heck out of me now. My doctor told me the Depot Shot was perfect for me & Skyler, and that I could take it and just let her know when we wanted to get pregnant and it was a done deal. Here's another B word-- b!tch. I guess lying b!tch would be better. After 3 shots luckily we were ready to start trying. I'm now very uneasy about BC after we have this baby.

Birth. I have had my mind set since we started TTC how the birth of this little one would go. Skyler & I will make our way to the hospital, we may (still deciding on this) text just our moms and let them know, and when we have her we'll send out a text, and grandmas & grandpas only will be allowed to visit in the hospital when I'm ready for them to, and everyone else will get to see her when we are at home and rested and ready to see guests. Oh and Skyler will be the other non-medical person in the room with me the whole time.

Best friends. Skyler is my best friend. I don't have any girl friends I could just call up and chat with, so I call him. If we're upset with each other there isn't anyone to call, we just talk about it. We're buddies, and its wonderful.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've decided that I need more things to talk about on this blog. So I decided to use the ABC's, that should give me at least 26 posts, and who knows maybe I'll find a burst of creativity and get more out of it. Anyway I decided that with each letter I'll write something that has to do with our TTC history, Abigail (and this pregnancy) and Skyler & I as a couple. So hopefully 3 things, we'll see how this goes.


Adoption. I'm not sure if I ever posted anything about this but Skyler & I were starting to look into adoption. We knew who we'd go with and how much it would cost, we also knew what it was that we would have to do to get there. I know we were only TTC for 18 months but we weren't getting answers, we had no idea what was going on. We wanted to be open to all options even if that meant raising a child that wasn't biologically ours.

A. Her name just came to me. I had never thought of this name before, then one day while I was driving to my mom's it popped into my head and it just seemed right. Since then I've never questioned her name. I know that's who she is.

August. Skyler & I were married August 16, 2008. It was our 8 month dating anniversary. We were going to originally get married August 9th but his sister in law said she wouldn't go because she had her high school reunion that weekend, and had her husband call and tell Skyler that. What a b!tch, right? Who tells someone something like that?! Oh well it worked out better for us.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

33 Weeks!

How far along? 33 Weeks!

Baby's size? Baby weighs about 4½ pounds, as much as a grownup duck, and is approximately 17.5 inches long, about the same as a collarbone-length pearl necklace.

Weight Gain? Still 18lbs, find out the change on Monday.

Stretch marks? Yes :( These bastard things decided to show up. They are multiplying. I give up.

Belly button in or out? Still half way like always.

Sleep? I really don't care for this question much. I usually sleep between 3 & 4 hours then I'm up for at least an hour if not for the whole entire day. I'm also up to pee 3 or 4 or 5 times a night.

Foods I am loving? Raisin Bran, chocolate as always.

Foods I am hating? Heavy foods, greasy foods, fast food.

Best moment this week? Realizing that little miss has been held in for almost 3 weeks thanks to bed rest!

Movement? Yup, she's quite the mover, any fruit drink gets her wiggling around!

Symptoms? Everything? Just about I feel. Contractions, B Hicks, stretch marks, nausea, headaches, bloody noses, peeing all the time (due to bladder punches-- Thanks Abigail), nesting, bed rest....leaking boobs sometimes, cravings...

Gender? Girl :)

What I miss? I love being pregnant and don't miss anything! Though being stretch mark free is working its way onto this part.

What I will miss? Feeling her move, feeling her respond to sounds and foods.

What I'm looking forward to? Dr's appointment Monday morning, we'll see how that goes :)

Weekly Wisdom: Don't take simple things such as walking to the kitchen for granted.

Milestone: Making it 3 more weeks since the hospital visit, (I was only 30 weeks then).

Emotions: Still every where. The contractions are back, I've had to take quite a few Terbutaline pills this week to stop them and sometimes I wonder if they are going to stop at all.

Excited that we're getting so much closer to having her here and that she is getting closer to the full-term 37 week mark. The closer we get the better I feel about her showing up when she wants.

I'm curious to see what the Doc has to say on Monday, I wonder how long I'll have to keep taking these pills to keep the contractions away.

The big news this week is lung development—baby's respiratory system is almost completely mature. That means if your baby was born this week, odds are he'd be a healthy bouncing baby with a just a little help from his friends (aka, the NICU). Some of the specifics are:

Your baby can now detect light and tell the difference between night and day (of course that ability will miraculously disappear once he's born and up all night screaming). His pupils will constrict and dilate in response to light. If you shine a flashlight on your belly, your baby may shy away from the light as if to say, "Cut it out, Ma. You're soooo annoying."

The bones in your baby's skull are soft and are not yet fused together. In other words, now is not the time to teach him how to do a headspin while breakdancing. This pliability allows the bones to overlap; making that trip down the tight birth canal possible (and resulting in that surprising cone head look your baby will sport for the first few days post-birth. Don't worry, it's totally normal and that's what hats are for.)

Your baby will continue to pack on the pounds gaining around ½ pound a week from here on out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Early Eviction?

I'm pretty sure Abigail is ready to join the family. I think she has made arrangements with her "home" my uterus for her to get an early eviction. Darned thing, I didn't think it would agree, but I feel as though it has. The contractions are back, today was unreal. I finally took a pill because I'd get 4 in an hour then it'd stop for a while then they'd come back a couple or just one here and there, finally after taking a pill -even though I'd rather not have to take pills like that, I hate knowing it makes her little heart race like it does mine-- her "home" has relaxed. Skyler has drill this weekend. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, meaning he works Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, I'm afraid that something might happen while he is gone -- though I will be able to call him and he will be able to get home w/in an hour at the most if needed--but I don't trust Abigail or her home lately, they are against me.

I also feel like I can't keep my bladder empty. I swear I pee all the time, but every time I swear it is bursting at the seams. I only have like 4 days and 12 hours till my next appointment, I wish I could say he'll take me off bed rest but with these things -meaning contractions-- still going on I don't see that happening. How long is this going to last?!
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