Thursday, December 29, 2011

January '11

To get a few posts in that will be simple, have pictures and to highlight my year, I'm going to go through make some collages  and post them. January doesn't have much but the months to follow will have tons of pictures! Enjoy!

January I was 30 weeks pregnant.

I ended up in L&D. Part 1 & 2.

I thought for sure that Miss A would enter this world way too early, but we made it to 34 weeks at the end of January and she was still baking!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Firsts


1. I welcomed my beautiful baby girl into the world. 

2. I started making bows and opened my first Etsy shop. (That I still need to open, hopefully by the first of the year!)

3. First Thanksgiving as a mommy & I made my first ham!

4. I wrote my first PYHO post.

5. I wrote my very first Guest post on a blog!

6. Bows I made were part of a giveaway! 

7. I got my very first award

8. SJ & I went through the LDS Temple on our 3 year anniversary. 

9. I threw my first baby shower.

10. I had my first guest post on my blog.

So I tried to make this about my blog, because I have had TONS of firsts this year. If you haven't linked up for this before, check it out! Stasha is the best, you'll love her! 

I won.

I won. 

At least that's my side of the story. See things weren't always how they are now. SJ & I got married 8 months after we started dating, and we started dating about 2 weeks after we met. I wanted to marry him right away and we talked about it A LOT. I knew it'd be a little hard being married at first. I had heard that you have to get used to each other, and on top of that we hadn't known each other very long, so we had to still learn even more about each other. I was under prepared. 

SJ worked full time and his schedule varied, graves, days, and swing shift, we didn't know till that week and they could change it whenever they pleased. I worked full time too. He went to school. We didn't see each other much & we had only been married a couple months. Then something came up with his family. It's always his family. 

Well it kept getting worse, to the point where we didn't see his family, but they didn't call more than once every few months anyway. I am shy. Well not so much anymore. Over the last few years I've been put in some very interesting situations. Situations that have caused me to grow up and push that shy girl away. Well me being shy came off bad. So that never helped things, especially when we were over there. At several points I thought our marriage was over. 

At one point, I had pushed all my feelings away and was just living day to day. Just doing what I had to. I just knew we wouldn't work out. That's when we went to counseling. Yup, I'm admitting it. SJ & I went to counseling, only a few times, we started to figure it out again. Skip forward a year and we were pregnant, I wasn't ready to tell his family. His mom made a big deal about it. So we told them. 

Then after we had A, she was two weeks old and they came over to yell and scream. Why? Something I posted on Facebook. I was tired of people showing up hours late to see my daughter, and bringing more people then we had been told. I let people know. That got around his family. They told SJ to pick them or us. At that point I knew it was over & I knew I could never forgive them. 

So I told SJ to bring them over, I'd set them straight. So the next day, his 3 siblings, a SIL and his mother came over. My dad being the amazing person he is, sat outside in the car in case I needed him. I was going against these 5 people by myself.  And that's just what I did. 

I told them they never tried to be my friends, automatically took me being shy as something bad, they lied, they believed the lies told by one. They were upset they weren't told everything during my pregnancy, but hey if you don't call why in the heck should I tell you. I never once got a call/text/email asking how I was doing. Heck SJ's mom only called him a few times. 

They said it was all my fault. They continued to lie, they told me that I only got pregnant to try and save my marriage. And to tell you the truth, a lot of the problems came because I wasn't getting pregnant, I was hurt. I let it affect my marriage. I messed up. I said fine, I'll do whatever and I have. 

Things are wonderful here at home now. I go to their family things and I sit there and try and make small talk, but you know what they haven't changed. They haven't called/texted/emailed or really stopped by. I told them I needed those things & nothing. I've done my part, but what about theirs? 

SJ has noticed this. He's noticed they've lied & he believes me now & apologizes for not knowing before. He's noticed they have empty promises. He's noticed that while they are his family, they only family he needs to worry about now is his own, Miss A & I. 

They aren't getting rid of me. I'm here forever. 
I won.

I am linking up with the wonderful Shell for PYHO.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Xmas Part 2

After opening her gifts at our house we headed over to my parent's to see what Santa had left there for Miss A.
She was so interested in what her cousin Moose was doing that she didn't care for her presents.
Until she found out she got a baby doll. 

Miss A also got tons of cute outfits and a cute walker. 
Then she got her favorite gift. 


 I wish I would have known my mom was bringing it out to her, I would have pulled my phone out to grab a picture. It was so cute when she saw it and realized it was her movie! 

When we got home she lounged on the couch watching our new tv!
My parent's are the best! They got us a new tv! I've seen Tangled at least 7 times the last few days, she loves to listen to it while she plays and when it comes time for me to clean nothing distracts her better!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas Morning

Christmas morning was great. I got up early and got ready and about 15 minutes before we had to head to my parent's house SJ woke up A. We were going to wait to have her open her gifts but as you can see she saw them.

And started to make her way to them.

Her inspecting the bag.
Finding her ring toy inside.

Checking to see if she can be opening it.

Chicken Run

Getting excited for presents!

Almost there!

A pretty skirt!

And her last present. Her Elefun toy!
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