Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My last Job.

I hate my last job. Well now I do.

Here are 10 things that I now hate about it.

  1. Watching 17 kids BY MYSELF. (The owner & her husband were supposed to help, but no she went shopping & he watched tv.
  2. Kids older than 3 wearing diapers, really? You want me to change a grown kid's butt? Gag!
  3. Kids that bite each other daily. Like the type of biting that makes other kids bleed. 
  4. Getting called in on my day off, ALL THE TIME. Jerks, find another reliable person to come in.
  5. Getting boogers wiped on me, really? You're 5 find a f***ing tissue.
  6. Eating corndogs, french friends or bologna. All 3 foods can die. 
  7. Mothers that lie, stupid stupid woman, you're ugly & I hate you.
  8. Boss that believes ugly stupid woman & ends up screaming at you while you're pregnant.
  9. Stupid bosses that make you quit because they are too stupid and believe ugly stupid woman.
  10. Stupid ex-boss that doesn't pay you for all the hours you put in, come on lady it was $3 short, I NEEDED that $3 that could have bought candy or something.

Check out my little sister's blog to see what 10 jobs she'd like to have!

Target Tuesday

Too bad I haven't sold enough bows yet :( 
So instead I'm linking up for Target Tuesday 
and browsing Target for the clothes that I might want to have. 

I'd love a long skirt.

This is cute!
Love this top.
This top looks comfy, love the blue.
This is different, but I like it.
Comfy shoes.
And this cute top.

I could shop forever. BUT I'll end there. What do you want from Target?

Also check out my little sister's blog, she's JUST starting out and needs some love.

Oh & did you know that The Vintage Apple is having a 1000 follower giveaway on her blog? Congrats to her on her 1000 followers, maybe one day I'll get there! Anyway I'm so excited about her giveaway, lots and lots of great stuff!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Anyone notice anything different? Okay, I'll tell you, I made it official & dropped the .blogspot ! But moving on...

Hello new followers friends!

If you're one of the many that started following me this last week or so, let me know, I want to follow you also! That's the only way a friendship works right!?

Are you on twitter? I am! @mommysummers and of course if you start following me there, let me know!

Also, I have a button a crappy one for now on the right side bar for my Etsy Shop!
Its a work in progress, be kind.

Did you notice that you can subscribe to my blog by email & RSS?
See side bar again.

Remember I'm always looking for guest bloggers.
Sometimes I just don't feel like writing. HA!

Another new thing, I'm sure you've noticed the other new button on the right, if not please look now and that lovely button is for my 50 follower giveaway!

Just in case you aren't following me on twitter, shame on you, you should know that I am trying to up my followers, and blogs that I follow. I will be giving away something from Kristin's (link to her blog) Etsy Shop (and of course to her shop). I'm still debating on what to buy for you, she has a ton of amazing things!

Well, I think that's about it for now!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Nail Files

Got my nails done just in time for this link up!

The Nail Files

 I had them painted a pretty red BUT my friend sent out a text saying she was doing her gel nails for way cheap, so my mom, sister & sister in law figured what the heck, lets get them done.

They're like a black/gray glitter and a pinky purple glitter, we were trying something new. I love gel nails. These ones are a little longer than  I wanted them BUT I can always file them down.

I was hoping to have bought a pretty polish for my toes, but I didn't get there. Maybe next week! 

P.S. I loved this link-up it was perfect for my busy Friday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 months.

My sweet baby A you are now 10 months old.

This past month has been full of fun!

You are still crawling, and getting crazy fast at it!
You are 19 lbs & 29" long still.

You wear 12 months clothes, size 3 shoes are a little big but work fine. Size 3 diapers still! You look chubby in that first picture but you're pretty skinny looking to us! 

You started to refuse baby food and will only eat what we are eating. 
Today you had french toast for your Happy 10 months breakfast.

You posed for this picture. You didn't even eat that piece you have in your hand. You tossed it as soon as this picture was taken.  
You thought you were just SO funny! You kinda were. 

You had your first ear infection this month.

Your cousin Stinky came to live with us for about 6 weeks.

You had your first Oreo.
You went and saw Christmas lights.

With this stud.

We went to see your Grandma's side of the family, to make Biscochitos, which you love.

You had your second Oreo.

You learned to take your diaper off.

You got a letter from Santa, with some cute snowmen stickers.

You opened your first Christmas Eve Present

You celebrated Christmas

And relaxed on the couch after a busy morning opening presents.

Xmas with Mom.

Sticking my tongue out.

I wanted to play princess ALL day.

Angry about mom trying to get a picture of us together.

So I whacked us both in the face with a bracelet. 

Last picture being 9 months old.

It's been a wonderful 10 months. I love this little girl more every day!

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