Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I had this friend, Cody. We actually met online when I lived in Cali. He was one of my best friends, we would talk on the phone for hours, we have so much in common. Large families, half mexican, half white, one parent with health problems, same religious background, just tons in common. When I moved to Utah, he moved to Utah and lived with his Aunt & cousins, he also got a job working with my Aunt & Uncle. My sister would always joke that we would get married. Then he left. After he left, I met Skyler and when I announced we were getting married, he sent me an email.

I was surprised to hear from him. Happy even. Until I read it. He told me that I was stupid for getting married so young. He expected better from me. And a whole bunch of other rude crap. I couldn't believe it. Why would someone send something so hurtful? My best friend even. So why I do I tell you this?

Well Cody posted on good ole Facebook, that he's engaged. The first thing I thought, was I'm so happy for him. Then I remembered what he had done to me, and I wanted to do the same back to him. Show him what it feels like to have your friend treat you like that. I didn't. I made sure to tell him congrats. It felt good. It felt better when I got a text from him telling me thanks, and asking for my address. 

I just couldn't do it to him. He's my friend, he was my best friend at some point and just to clear it up, we never dated and never thought/talked about it. I tried to keep in contact after I got married, it didn't work too well. He was always changing his number, doing this, doing that. I miss my best friend. I wish him the best. I want him to be happy. I want him to enjoy life. I want him back in my life. He lives in another state, it'd be nice to know that we can still be friends, especially now with him getting married. 

After this happened, I went to my in-law's Superbowl party. (BLAH!) Nothing has changed there. Yeah, I'll sit there and talk to them, but outside of their get together's, I get nothing from them. The worst SIL of all, well I guess I can't say worst, let's say the one I've had the most problems with, she asked her Step-Sister to come help her decorate her house right in front of me, after asking me tons of times to help her, I've just been waiting on her. I can't do it. I need a friend back. I need one IRL. Someone I can say, hey meet me here, or hey, come over I'm cleaning and want to talk. 

I just feel like there isn't a place for me, other than at home with A, like I don't fit in somewhere else. I don't know what brought this on, it couldn't have just been that announcement. Right now, I'm just feeling blah! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

11 Months.

Miss A, the day you turned 10 months we went to lunch at noodles and company and you were FLIRTING with a boy! YOU iniated the conversation you two had and everything! You were even dancing for him!

Here's a fun video of that.

You have grown SO much this last month, at your last check up (Feb 1) you weighed in at 20lbs 12 oz. 
You are still in size 3 diapers.
You wear size 18 month clothes. You are so dang tall! You are skinny though!

Here are some pictures from this last month

 Stinky left this month. 

Oh and you stand. You can climb up next to something and stand, ALL by yourself. It's adorable!

You also push your little walker car around, Aunt Ray has a video but won't send it to me! 

This month has been hard on you. You had teeth coming, then an ear infection (again) and more teeth) you currently have 3 teeth in and 2 almost in. 

You love to dance, play with stickers and still love to watch Tangled! 

Can you believe she'll be 1 in a month?!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Writer's Workshop.

Check it out here.

4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are.

How do you choose just one photo.  Actually it was pretty easy for me, as soon as I saw the prompt, I KNEW what picture.

It's a moment. 
Trying to take a picture with my beautiful baby girl, and she decides to swing a bracelet hitting us both in the face. 
We both laughed after.
 This is me
. Trying to capture everything, not deleting a picture because it's blurry. 
Being with my daughter. 
I'm a mom. 
I hold tight to my memories, but push forward to make more. 
My daughter (family) is always there with me, making new memories, and reminiscing about old.
Though you don't see it in this picture, I wanted this picture to be perfect. I spent A LONG time getting ready and so did Ab. I try so hard for things to be perfect, to be planned right, and sometimes it gets there  but most of the time, I get pictures (moments) like this. 
My life, captured. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


(view this morning)

Some days I wake up motivated. I want to get ready for the day. I want to go out and window shop. I want my house to be clean, and you know what, all that happens. I do get up and get ready, I do go out and window shop and my house is cleaned. I used to be like that with my blog too. I used to post twice a day. GAH! I know, a little crazy right? What?! I wanted you guys to like me, I wanted variety on my blog.

See the thing is, I don't feel too motivated anymore. I still get up, get ready, leave the house, but when it comes to my blog, I feel like I'm not excited about it anymore. I love comments, I love reading your posts & getting to know you better. I just feel like I got into habit of linking up. (Look what I'm doing now, ha!) Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the link-ups that I link up with! LOVE THEM! I just don't seem to think for myself anymore. I know Monday Listicles, will have a great topic, Target Tuesday is great, The Nail Files, are fun. I just think the only time I have to think for myself is Wednesday. Maybe Thursday. I don't post on the weekend. I spend time with my family...

I just feel like, maybe I'm lost. Maybe I depend on you guys too much? I know I don't always have to link up, but I like it. Hmmm... what's a girl to do? What should I write about? I need to take over my blog, write about what I want to write about, post when I want to post. Maybe that means you get to see a couple posts a day from me, or maybe just a couple a week. It's mine. I just don't know if I can kick myself up out of this rut. So again, I'll ask, what do you like to see? Tutorials? DIY craft things? Food? I can really try about anything. I'm pretty open. 

Linking up with Shell, to Pour My Heart Out and let you know, I'm in a blogging rut and I need to do something about it! 

P.S. Yesterday was day # 2 without soda!! YAY! Also, I added some rosette hair clips OR pins to my Etsy Shop! And just in case you didn't stop by yesterday, check out my post where we get to know The Preppy Girl In Pink a little bit better!

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