Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Date Things to Avoid.

3 Things you should NEVER do on a first date

1. Hit a guy with a golf club. 
     (My friend Noddle still remembers the time I set his friend up with a friend of mine for prom & during our outing for them to meet, she hit him with the golf club while playing mini golf, oh how I wish I could say it could have gone better.)

2. Pick your nose.
     (Seriously guys, at least pretend to care about your appearance while you're out on a date, especially a first date. Because chances are someone will point it out & then your date is ruined.)

3. Be super touchy. 
    (Really, people? You don't know each other don't try and be all over your date. Chances are you'll going to get smacked in the face. Then if you try & follow her out to her car & try & open the car door after she's in and trying to leave, she might just hit you with the car door.)

Oh the many fun dating stories I have. Definitely have to share more of them sometime.
Have you ever been on an awful first date?

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Monday, April 1, 2013



10 Favorite Places My Husband Kissed Me

1.In the park where he proposed. 
2. In our home.
3. At my parents' house. (Our first kiss.)
4. The place we got married.
5. At the hospital where A was born.
6. Any place we're standing after an argument.
7. In front of our house, after we bought it. 
8. In the kitchen, when he gets home from work everyday. 
9. In the driveway at my parents when he would come back from drill.
10. In the living room when I've fallen asleep on the couch.

An old picture but one of my favorites.

Most of my places are at home. What can I say, its one of my favorite places to be. 

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 Things Thursday.

When I first saw today's 3 Things, I wasn't sure what the heck to put down. Then I remembered that The Mr. & I had actually talked about this at dinner once. We brought up random things that probably don't really surprise people but maybe more like something they wouldn't have guessed. 
So here it goes:

3 Things People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me

1. I have a tattoo.
 (Not a big deal right? Well it's shocking to most people that find out)

2. I had my nose pierced before I met the Mr.
(Got bored & took it out, was short lived.)

3. The Mr. & I met online. 
 (I know a lot of people have met online [YAY!] but, people seem surprised that we met when I was just 18 & he was 21. They always say "Oh I thought online stuff was just for 'old' people.") 

So there you have it, 3 random things you probably wouldn't guess about me if you were just meeting me!

What's something I wouldn't guess about you?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pregnancy Catch Up! Weeks 2-15!

I can't believe I haven't done a pregnancy update post with pictures. I mean I let you in on the secret here, but other than that nothing really. It's not that I don't have pictures, I do have 7 or so, to share. It's just like last time though, I was really sick in the beginning, you learned that here. But this time around I have my toddler by my side, so most of my time up until a few weeks ago was spent trying to survive.

 Well it's time to catch up!

I got lucky & actually have a picture of myself at 2 weeks pregnant. Meaning, we had no idea if things would work. We were on our way to a basketball game & decided that I better make sure my outfit looks okay. So there you have it, 2 weeks pregnant!

I feel like I it really depends on your outfit at first, whether or not your belly is showing. I mean I really don't feel like I popped till closer to 20 weeks & even then I feel like I wasn't noticeably pregnant until probably 22 weeks.  

Well anyway, this post is about those first umm... we'll just go with 15 weeks. 
Boy were those weeks challenging, but worth every moment. 

Getting our first 2 Ultrasound pictures, seeing & hearing her heartbeat. 


Clinging to the toilet for dear life, meh that wasn't too fun. 
Having my toddler know that you throw up in the toilet, eh, still not fun.

In these first 15 weeks, I got to see my little girl grow up so fast, watch her learn & show love & try to understand what I was going through.  

I got to see my husband show support, and beam with excitement. Even though he was stuck doing dishes, cooking and cleaning. He never complained. 

We knew what to expect. That's why we waited till A was closer to 2 before starting to try again. We knew we had to be prepared for all day long sickness (again), and lack of energy. Let's just say an overall feeling of death. I'm sure some of you understand that feeling. 

Anyway in those first 15 weeks, our family grew. Not just in number but in love & support. 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring on the Mind.

I don't know about you, but I'm so glad it's Spring. I know lots are still getting snow & cold weather, I know we've dropped down about 20 degrees the few days or so, but it's not much longer till we get to BBQ, go swimming & tan. (Can't wait for a nice summer tan, that's not from a bottle.) When thinking of this post, all I could think was random thoughts. Random thoughts about Spring. About this Spring. So here you have it:

10 Things Spring.

1.Finally seeing some good weather in the near future.
2. My yard is finally being worked on & will be finished.
3. My birthday.
4. My trip to Vegas!
5. Playing outside with A.
6. Wearing shoes that are cute & not just warm.
7. Finally seeing pretty flowers in yards.
8. No more heavy snow storms.
9. Taking the occasional walk through the neighborhood.
10. Having a reason to have my toe nails painted all cute!

What do you think of when you think about this Spring?

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