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Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching Up: Easter.

Can you guys believe I forgot to post Easter pictures? Seriously. I might be losing my mind! So glad I noticed!

 Easter was pretty easy going for us, can't wait to have the 2 girls next year, gonna go all out! Can't wait!!

Ha, seriously still can't believe I didn't share these! She had so much fun!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wordless Thankful Thursday.

I think these pictures say enough. Feeling so very thankful today and everyday.

The Fontenot Four

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh, how Pinteresting.

Can you tell that this momma is just thinking about baby/toddler stuff, cleaning & decorating the house? Seriously it's all I can seem to pin lately! Must branch out!! Ha!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pregnancy Catch Up: Weeks 28-32

Phew! I'm on a roll today (May 25), getting all these pregnancy post updates up! Was worried I didn't have any pictures after the 25 week mark, thank goodness I had a few!

Oh 28 weeks, I can't believe my belly looks like that. Heck my body. That was taken in Vegas, the day we left, meaning that should say 28.1. I was hot and swollen from being out ALL day the day before. Yup, that's my excuse for that!

Around week 26 I started having contractions, actual painful ones and of course the lovely Braxton Hicks. So these past now 8 weeks have been quite full of fun! 

Just at the beginning of Week 30, I was able to catch a picture of the weird shapes my belly likes to make. Always pushing limbs back in, absolutely love it! I feel like each week after 28 she's moved lower and lower. 

At week 27 I passed my glucose test. At week 30, I got to see Little Miss M again, head down and ready to go. A has started to enjoy laying on my belly when we lay down to relax. Also, if she catches her dad rubbing or talking to my belly his hand gets smacked and she'll lay on top of the belly. It's her sister. He keeps forgetting. 

These weeks have been great! I've been cleaning like crazy, doing my deep cleaning, spring cleaning & nesting all at the same time! This momma has been productive! 

At my 32 week appt I learned that contractions are fine now, as long as there isn't more than 5 in an hour. I didn't know this. Seeing as A had me in bed rest from 30 weeks. I really wonder if being able to let my body have contractions and such will help my body prepare and bring Miss M here sooner than my due date. 

My body really started hurting this 6 weeks or so, hip pain (darn bad hips, can't wait to get new ones!) Oh and my back. I can really tell if the day has been productive by how difficult it is to get up after sitting down. It's worth every minute. 

Oh & lately I've had some heart burn. Gah! I don't know how people deal with it, it's barely there but woah, I could do without. 

And there ya have it! Just about completely caught up!! 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Listicles! Noticing People

Top 10 Things You Notice First About Someone

1.The way they walk into a room. (Shy or overly confident?)

2. Any nervous habits they have. (Playing with keys - crazy laughs)
3. Do they look you in the eyes when you are talking with them?
4. Their outfit.
5. Do they smell? (Too much perfume - have you ever showered?)
6. Their teeth. (Are they brushed? Or super nice & now I'm jealous?)
7. Their toes, if they're wearing sandals of course. (Do they pamper their feet?)
8. The way the smile. (Or don't.)
9. Make up. (Is she wearing too much? Does it look amazing?)
10. Shoes. (I love shoes, do they also?)

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