Friday, January 24, 2014

My First Happies & Crappies.

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


Miss M, is finally, finally sleeping well at night. The stretches are getting longer and longer.

My computer is FINALLY set up.

I got 2 blog posts up this week! Look at me go!

Even with feeling a little blah and eating junk this week I've managed to maintain my weight! 

It's Friday, I feel like I'm days behind so knowing its Friday is amazing!


The dog has been waking up in the middle of the night, often. Only on nights when Miss M is finally sleeping well.

I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and having so much to do!

It's cold & foggy here. Ick.

What are your happies & crappies this week? Can't wait to stop by!!! This is my first time ever linking up for this link up! Super excited to get back into the game!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh the Weekend.

With the weekend fast approaching and my computer FINALLY set up again. It is most definitely time for a blog post and what better way to start blogging than by doing one of my very favorite link ups. Perfect topic by the way. 


1. Big Breakfast. I don't know why but it seems like the weekends are the only time I'm interested in a big breakfast so we do just that every Saturday and Sunday morning. Pancakes or French toast. Eggs. Bacon. Sometimes a potato, egg, sausage scramble. Yum!

2. Shop. The girls and I tend to head out with my mom on Saturdays and shop. We mostly window shop but we love it!

3. Head out to lunch. Sames as above, the girls and I love heading to lunch with Nana before we go window shopping.

4. Visit Grandparents. They're busy people during the week. My grandma does bowling, an exercise class, or two and heads to church functions quite often. Wish I had that much energy.

5. Deep clean something. The only time the husband is home and has tons of extra hours during the day. If anything needs heavy lifting or there's a chance of spiders he's on it. 

6. Be lazy. Oh goodness, how I love to sleep in even 10 minutes on weekend mornings.

7. Watch movies. Friday nights = family nights. 

8. Destroy the house. Seems like when daddy is home the girls get into everything and nothing gets put back. 

9. Nice long drives. When its cold like it is right now nothing beats grabbing some coffee or hot chocolate and hitting the road looking at all the new houses they're building and day dreaming of all that we want in our "dream house". 

10. Pajama day.  Oh who am I kidding, this happens during the week too. It's nice to do it on the weekends when the husband is home. 

What are things you do or like to do during the weekend?

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Listicles: Something New.


1. New hair cut/color. 
    Makes this mommy feel amazing!

2. New Jeans. 
    Gotta love when they fit just right.

3. New bedding. 
    Love climbing into nice clean brand new sheets.

4. New Recipe.
    Love trying something new, something that we haven't had a bunch already.

5. New makeup. 
    Helps to freshen up a routine.

6. New Pajamas. 
    Just have to climb into new sheets with new pajamas.

7. New Car. 
    Oh its been a while since I've had a new car but I sure do love being in new cars.

8. New day.
    Always a chance to make it better than the last. 

9. New season. 
    Absolutely love it when the seasons change and a new one has just started. 

10. New book. 
      Nothing quite like diving into a new story. Speaking of which, I need to hit the                 library.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Just 10 Photos.

10 Photos I Took in 2013. 

Last vacation as a family of 3 to Vegas, April 2013.

The day another absolutely perfect, amazing little girl joined our family. July 2013.

Crazy sisters.

Eyeliner. Someone is getting adventurous. 

Baking with Baby Powder. Oh my sweet 2 year old.

Halloween as a family of 4. October 2013.

Just the 2 of us.


Thanksgiving 2013.

Kisses for her sweet sister. November 2013.

December 2013. Yes, December 23 to be exact. 

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Miss M's Birth Story Part 1.

If there is one thing in my journey of getting pregnant, being pregnant and the birthing experience, I've been very blessed when it comes to the labor & delivery part.

I remember hoping that this baby was going to be a 37 week baby. My body hurt, I wasn't getting any sleep, I was ready to meet this sweet girl. At my 38 week appointment, Monday July 1st, I was 3 cm dilated. My doctor went ahead and did a membrane sweep and we double checked that we still wanted to be induced the next Monday. I was so upset leaving that appointment, I just wanted to go into labor on my own.It's funny, my husband and I joked that Thursday July 4th, or July 5th, would be perfect days to go into labor, he would be able to have a weekend off, and only miss one day of work. 
oh do I hope I don't regret posting this one.

It was Wednesday morning, early, I got up around 3:45 am for a quick pee break as always. honestly wasn't uncommon the last couple weeks, Miss M was squashing my bladder. Finally around 4:30 I fell asleep, only to be woken up by my water breaking. It was enough of a change down there for me to wake up. Honestly I figured I had peed my pants. So I changed and went out to watch TV. Well I just kept leaking, so I showered and waited to make sure it wasn't just a squashed bladder problem. By about 5:30 I woke my husband had him get ready and called my mom to watch Miss A. 

38 W 4 D

Shortly after taking this picture, we headed to the hospital and by then there was no controlling the leaking. I knew she was joining us that day even before getting the official "your water broke", from the nurse. 

sent this to my sis letting her know where I was, she lived with me and didn't even know I left

At 8 am I was started on Pitocin and still measured at 3cm and 60%.  At 8:28, a 4 & 65%, that's when my doctor felt the need to break my water more and to move her head. At this point there was no epidural, I was still hardly feeling contractions. After he moved her head, boy did things change. I was told the nurse would be back in shortly with the epidural. Well an hour passed and I couldn't take it anymore. Still no nurse. I sent the hubs out to find someone. At 9:30 my epidural was in and I was starting to feel more relaxed.

he always manages to take horrible pictures of me at the hospital ha.

 By 10 I was at a 5 and and 10:50 I was 8. They called my doctor, after 3 pushes, Miss M joined our family. 

In case you missed my last post, she weighed in at 6lbs 6 oz, and 20 in long. Absolutely perfect. Unlike her sister, she chose to scream. And she screamed for quite some time. 

As for me, though it was  quick and easy delivery, there was definitely some damage done. I got plenty of stitches, thank goodness the epidural took quite some time to wear off. 

Since this post is already so long and I have tons more pictures to show, we'll end this story right here. 

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