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Friday, December 5, 2014

TTC Kit {Giveaway}

As my husband and I watch our girls grow we constantly find ourselves talking about our family- how big we want to grow it, if we want to grow it and how soon we should if we decide to. All these questions and unknowns tend to bring me back to the times I was TTC with both of my daughters. The first time took 18 months, I searched online looking for any tips or tricks or comfort. The second time around it took 6 months a round with the TTC Kit and 2 rounds of Clomid. I loved having the TTC Kit by my side the second time around. The Ovulation Tests, and Pregnancy Tests, as well as the thermometer and Charting guide was amazing to have. 

According to DiaperChamp, there are seven causes of infertility that are the most common for women. These things can get in the way of trying to conceive, and can make getting pregnant harder. Fortunately, there is a wonderful conception aid called Conceive Easy that can make things a little bit easier. Conceive Easy is a natural aid that boosts the body's fertility level by stimulating ovulation and effectively overcoming the seven most common causes of infertility. It is a great choice for women who do not want to undergo traditional fertility treatments. (Check out Baby Resource for more information on the possible side effects of fertility treatments.)

The blend of natural ingredients enhances the body's chemistry, helping increase your chances for conception without the use of fertility drugs. Another great thing about the Conceive Easy TTC Kit is that it is available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. For more ways to boost fertility without a doctor’s prescription, you can check out the articles at The Conceive Easy TTC kit is available online and you can have it automatically to your door so you never run out. You also get 20 free pregnancy or ovulation tests, a Getting Started TTC Kit, and basal body thermometer with your order. If you are trying to boost your fertility, you may want to consider giving Conceive Easy a try. 

One of my lucky readers will get a TTC Kit of their own!

What is included in the TTC Kit - The product is for the exclusive new TTC Kit ™ (a $152 value). The TTC Kit is an all-in-one, natural, proven solution for helping mommies-to-be conceive sooner & easier than ever before. You will receive Conceive Easy's Months 1&2 Starter Pack, a BBT thermometer and Getting Started Guide to Charting, and can also choose to customize your new TTC Kit with one of the following exclusive bonus gifts:

Bonus gift #1:
 20 Early Result Pregnancy TestsBonus gift #2: 20 One-Step Ovulation TestsBonus gift #3: 10 Pregnancy & 10 Ovulation Tests

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Currently.

Reading: Eek, absolutely nothing. Help me!

Watching: All of the shows. Seriously, Scandal, Grey's, Vampire Diaries, Mindy Project... How to Get Away With Murder... I meant it when I said everything because that isn't even half of my list.

Listening: Christmas Music. This started 17 days ago and will go until Christmas. My girls & I love Christmas music.

Eating: Getting ready to eat, these chocolate chip cookies. Best ever. But mine are gluten free. So I just use this flour mixture instead of regular flour.

DIYing: Uhh... I just finished up a turkey for nursery music time. I should be starting on preschool stuff, seeing as it's at my house December 2nd! 

Buying: Too much makeup. I can't help it lately- I blame Maskcara. I absolutely LOVE her tutorials and spend way too much time wandering Pinterest pretending I can be just like her. 

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FarFaria {Review & GIVEAWAY}

I can't keep my daughter away from my phone. It seems like there are many times in the day where she is bored, or just wants to relax and automatically grabs my phone. I try and I keep educational apps on there for her, things that will help stimulate her mind and get her learning. Recently we got the opportunity to review the FarFaria App. (Also available for the iPad, and Android Devices)

The Far Faria App is perfect for children between the ages of 2 & 9. FarFaria adds 5 new books each week to their already large library of over 800 childrens books! They're illustrated also! 

Other FarFaria Features:
Easy to use!
Read-to-Me Feature- makes the book read aloud so anyone can read the story.
There are badges on the stories letting you know what level the book is.
Offline access to your favorite stories.
Search options- genre, title & keyword.
Recently Read section so you can find books you already love!
Book Club- a place to connect with friends & family and get recommendations.
No advertisements & no hidden fees!

We love this app! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about it! My 3 year old started using it by herself as soon as it was downloaded with absolutely no help from me. I enjoyed looking it over and watching how easily she could navigate it! FarFaria wants one of my lucky readers to get the chance to try FarFaria for 3 months Free! Just enter below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

{Review} InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark & Scar Cream

When I was blessed with my sweet girls I was also given some pretty intense stretch marks. I don't really mind them, no one sees them except my husband and he doesn't care. It doesn't mean that there wasn't a time that I did feel super self conscious about them. I researched creams and oils. After A was born my dad bought me some stretch mark oil, it was supposed to help get rid of them. I used it religiously for a while and by being moisturized they started to look a bit better. 

Well as with all extra beauty tasks I add that only lasted so long. When given the chance to review InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark & Scar Cream I was super excited to get started with helping hopefully reduce the appearance of my stretch marks.

 Now I'm not one to think that they will ever go away, I know there is no miracle cure for them and I know that I will constantly have a love hate relationship with them. This Stretch Mark & Scar Cream, actually helped make my stretch marks look better. Even my husband noticed a difference, they weren't red and they were fading better. I've fallen in love with this stretch mark cream.  Here is just a quick list of what's inside: Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Oil, Mango Butter, Grapeseed Oil & Evening Primrose Oil.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Cleaning & Attitude.

It seems like for a while there I was  playing catch up. 

Laundry, dishes, blogging, nursery projects for church, and all the other fun little chores that life entails. 

It wasn't until lately that I've finally found a good groove. I'm no longer lost in the piles of laundry, my laundry gets folded and put away after being dried. The stack of dishes in the sink is either non-existant or no longer a daunting task. 

Is my house perfectly tidy? Heck no! As I sit and type I have a basket of soiled clothes awaiting a good wash, Toys are strewn about the living room, creating a nice obstacle course. And I'm sure if you were to look closer there is probably a nice layer of dust covering photographs and furniture. 

So what has changed? My attitude and my schedule. I wake myself up by 7 am, and get started on breakfast and the little things I want to do for myself while my girls are snug in their beds. Catching up on shows and painting my nails are no longer a thing of the past. Once the girls are up I start on my to-do list. The dishes are cleaned, the toys picked up and the laundry sorted and started. Throughout the day little messes are made, and they eventually pile up to disasters, but my girls are happy and so am I. 

Once bath time rolls around the chores are started once again. Dishes, toys and laundry are tidied up again and we all climb into bed with a clean house and smiles on our faces. We no longer strive to have a clean house only to fall short and fill with disappointment. We clean as we go, and enjoy the playtime and the messes in between.

How do you keep your house clean with young children? 

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