Sunday, January 11, 2015

ABC Flashcards: eBook Review

It seems like I can't quite keep my phone in my hands. It always seems to find its way into the hands of my little girls. Miss M doesn't quite understand what to do with it and I end up with lots of selfies and videos of random moments of our day. If only that were the same for Miss A. She knows how to navigate YouTube and wander through the app store or Netflix. I've been trying to keep her away from my phone, but just to be safe I've made sure to put some fun apps and such on there for her. One thing we've been enjoying lately is the ABC Flashcards eBook. A fun eBook just perfect for my little 3 year old. 

I would recommend this to any busy mom who is looking for something more than just an app to keep little hands busy on their phone or other devices. The pages are great, the pictures are bright and just busy yet simple enough to keep her entertained and not overwhelmed. I quite often will catch Miss A singing the ABC's to Miss M and looking at this book. Great product for your littles! I did get this in exchange for my honest review, that being said it is my honest opinion that this eBook is wonderful! 

What apps or books do you keep handy on your devices for your littles?

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Best Healthy Vegan Holidays Recipes EBook Review.

It's no surprise to my family that there will be AT LEAST one new meal in our menu for the week. Some weeks all the meals will be something new and it might be a little scary but most of the time it's totally worth it. My husband and I love to try new foods and our girls do pretty well with it also. That's one of the things I was super worried about, I've seen SO many kids that are super picky about what they eat, so having my girls at least give things are try is a huge relief! So when given the chance to review Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes Ebook, I was super thrilled!

We have enjoyed venturing out into some of these new recipes. Super simple and easy to follow.Even though I got this in exchange for a review all opinions are my own! Oh and another quick thing, I remember reading something about babies that it takes like 5 times or something close to that before they know whether they actually like a food or not, so I try and remember that when we try new veggies or have our girls try new meals. If my husband and I enjoy it then I'll make it a few more times to make sure my girls have a few chances to try it and see whether or not they like it.  Do you switch up your meal plan very often? Have you ever tried a Vegan meal? If so what was it and how did you like it?

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Yoga App Review!

I get super bored with my workouts, super fast it seems. I spend lots of time on my phone looking for new work outs as well as watching workout videos. Lately I've been loving the Daily Yoga App. It's super easy and fun to use and I'm able to use it whenever I get the chance! Lots of days I'll start with a workout in the morning and not quite get to finish it because the kids wake up so I'll finish it, start over, or get more in during nap time or when they are finally being entertained by dad after work. 

I've really enjoyed changing up my normal yoga routine, (if you can call yoga being my go to when I feel like working out.) It's great trying new moves/routines. My girls have loved watching and joining me too! If you haven't had a chance to check out this fun app, I'd definitely give it a try! I got the chance to review this app and have enjoyed it completely, I did get it for free (though you can get it for free through the app store also!!) for a review! All opinions are my own!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

TTC Kit {Giveaway}

As my husband and I watch our girls grow we constantly find ourselves talking about our family- how big we want to grow it, if we want to grow it and how soon we should if we decide to. All these questions and unknowns tend to bring me back to the times I was TTC with both of my daughters. The first time took 18 months, I searched online looking for any tips or tricks or comfort. The second time around it took 6 months a round with the TTC Kit and 2 rounds of Clomid. I loved having the TTC Kit by my side the second time around. The Ovulation Tests, and Pregnancy Tests, as well as the thermometer and Charting guide was amazing to have. 

According to DiaperChamp, there are seven causes of infertility that are the most common for women. These things can get in the way of trying to conceive, and can make getting pregnant harder. Fortunately, there is a wonderful conception aid called Conceive Easy that can make things a little bit easier. Conceive Easy is a natural aid that boosts the body's fertility level by stimulating ovulation and effectively overcoming the seven most common causes of infertility. It is a great choice for women who do not want to undergo traditional fertility treatments. (Check out Baby Resource for more information on the possible side effects of fertility treatments.)

The blend of natural ingredients enhances the body's chemistry, helping increase your chances for conception without the use of fertility drugs. Another great thing about the Conceive Easy TTC Kit is that it is available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. For more ways to boost fertility without a doctor’s prescription, you can check out the articles at The Conceive Easy TTC kit is available online and you can have it automatically to your door so you never run out. You also get 20 free pregnancy or ovulation tests, a Getting Started TTC Kit, and basal body thermometer with your order. If you are trying to boost your fertility, you may want to consider giving Conceive Easy a try. 

One of my lucky readers will get a TTC Kit of their own!

What is included in the TTC Kit - The product is for the exclusive new TTC Kit ™ (a $152 value). The TTC Kit is an all-in-one, natural, proven solution for helping mommies-to-be conceive sooner & easier than ever before. You will receive Conceive Easy's Months 1&2 Starter Pack, a BBT thermometer and Getting Started Guide to Charting, and can also choose to customize your new TTC Kit with one of the following exclusive bonus gifts:

Bonus gift #1:
 20 Early Result Pregnancy TestsBonus gift #2: 20 One-Step Ovulation TestsBonus gift #3: 10 Pregnancy & 10 Ovulation Tests

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Currently.

Reading: Eek, absolutely nothing. Help me!

Watching: All of the shows. Seriously, Scandal, Grey's, Vampire Diaries, Mindy Project... How to Get Away With Murder... I meant it when I said everything because that isn't even half of my list.

Listening: Christmas Music. This started 17 days ago and will go until Christmas. My girls & I love Christmas music.

Eating: Getting ready to eat, these chocolate chip cookies. Best ever. But mine are gluten free. So I just use this flour mixture instead of regular flour.

DIYing: Uhh... I just finished up a turkey for nursery music time. I should be starting on preschool stuff, seeing as it's at my house December 2nd! 

Buying: Too much makeup. I can't help it lately- I blame Maskcara. I absolutely LOVE her tutorials and spend way too much time wandering Pinterest pretending I can be just like her. 

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